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Muscle relaxants, anti wrinkle treatments all refer to treatment with Botox, Tinkable offer Botox treatments at their clinic in Stourbridge, In fact its one of our most popular treatments. Tinkable is a medical clinic operating since 2004 and has 98% positive testimonials for Botox treatments in Stourbridge.

Botox is mostly used to treat the upper third of the face including vertical lines between the eyebrows, Crows feet or laughter lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and is used to lift the eye area by treating those horizontal lines at the top of the forehead.

At our Stourbridge clinic we also offer Botox for the treatment of the lower face.

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Dermal Fillers

Our Stourbridge clinic offers a wide range of Dermal Filler treatments, our medical team of practitioners are very experienced and highly qualified in dermal fillers and the treatments we can offer with fillers at our Stourbridge clinic is vast and almost endless.

One of the most popular treatments with Dermal Fillers in Stourbridge is lip filler treatments with various types of dermal filler.

Dermal fillers for the cheek area comes a close second followed by dermal filler treatment for jawline, Chin and under eye area, known as tear trough.

Tinakble only used premium dermal fillers and this is reflected in the best results we get with our dermal filler treatments at Stourbridge.

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Lip Fillers

At Tinkable we offer many types of treatment for the lips at Stourbridge. Our brand of filler used for lips Stourbridge is of the highest quality dermal filler which is purposely manufactured for lip treatment. Stourbridge has the most experienced medical practitioner for our lip filler treatments and can offer tailored results for each indivdual need. From subtle results, to enhanced lips, to correcting asymmetry, is all in a normal day for our medical practitioners.  

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