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patient charter


When you attend for a complimentary consultation or receive any treatment from one of our
medical practitioners at Tinkable you always know that:
  • We are Save Face accredited.
  • An assessment of your medical, health and wellbeing needs will be conducted before any aesthetic treatment is offered.
  • You will be given information about all the potential benefits, side effects, risks and complications of treatment so that you can make an informed decision about whether to purchase a treatment from us.
  • Our clinical environment has been assessed by Save Face and complies with health and safety legislation.
  • All our medical practitioners are appropriately trained to provide the treatments we offer.
  • We offer post treatment aftercare and reviews to all our patients
  • Emergency aftercare support is available 24 hours a day.
  • We source our products from reputable supplying pharmacies.
  • Our prices are competitive and realistic. We offer excellent value for money at Tinkable.
Click below to find us on the Save Face register.
Smooth Shiny Skin

Call Now: 0800 432 0480

EMERGENCY ONLY NUMBER: 07930619030 - Please do not use for bookings.

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