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Some people think that the cosmetic and beauty industry is highly regulated and completely safe. After all, if someone is using needles as a cosmetic treatment service, then surely they have had all the necessary training and education to administer these injections, right?

WRONG! Although the medical aesthetic industry is highly regulated by the CQC and GMC to protect patients and monitor the practices of medical professionals; the beauty industry is not. This means that a beautician can, in theory, take a one-day training course to inject a potentially harmful substance into the skin with no recourse. Surprising isn’t it? Therefore, so many unsuspecting people are putting their trust and their health and wellbeing in the hands of some unscrupulous individuals.

If a doctor makes a mistake or acts out of malpractice, he or she is accountable and must adhere to strict regulations or risk being struck off their register; but this is not the case for a beautician.

One of the issues with the industry is that certain training centers will ‘sell’ the idea of training in injectable treatments to beauticians and convince them they will be fully trained and qualified to administer these treatments, giving them a false sense of security when it comes to the gravitas behind practicing medical aesthetics, this can never really be case, as only medics have the necessary medical training, skills and expertise to handle any unforeseen issues if something goes wrong.

Botox is a prescription only drug, this means that not just anyone is able to administer these treatments ethically and safely. This is because prescription only drugs should only be in the hands of medical aesthetic practitioners (Doctors, Nurses or Dentists).


  • Infection

  • Swelling, bleeding, bruising and pain

  • Lumps and bumps under the skin, which may need medical intervention

  • Filler’ migration’ where the product moves to an unwanted treatment area which again, which may need medical intervention

  • Blocked blood vessels causing tissue necrosis (death of the tissues) or even permanent blindness

  • Blood poisoning due to unregulated products being used


The simple answer to this is to do your research and only go to a medically educated and a highly trained doctor, nurse, surgeon or dentist for your injectable treatments. Make sure they are on the medical register and have been practicing in medical aesthetics for several years.

Never go to a beauty therapist for injectable treatments. By all means enjoy non-medical treatments with a well-qualified beautician (after all, there are thousands of highly-skilled and very responsible beauty professionals out there offering amazing non-medical treatments) but leave the injectables to the regulated and monitored medical professionals for the sake of your health and your skin.

Of course, there is always going to be an element of risk with any medical injectable treatment. However, we have the medical knowledge and are equipped with all the necessary tools and medications that if something unforeseen was to happen, we could deal with it safely and quickly, resulting in minimal issues.

If you would like to find out more about our available treatments, then please head straight to our website treatment page for details or call us on 01384 373734!

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