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What treatment is perfect for you based on your face shape?


Heart shaped faces have a slightly larger width of the forehead than the jaw. Often, your hairline will also represent the shape of a heart. This face shape also exhibits a slim jaw that goes into a point shape to the chin.

Dermal filler can be used to soften the lower half of the heart shaped face. You can add dermal filler to the chin to round it out for a more pointy appearance.

  • Cheryl Cole

  • Young Leonardo Dicaprio


Square faces have a square jawline, which has the same width of the forehead.

As this face already has such a prominent structure, adding dermal filler to the cheeks will enhance this look!

  • Sandra Bullock

  • Brad Pitt


The oblong face is similar to the square shaped face in that it has a similar or same width into the forehead and jaw. The difference between these two face shapes is that the oblong face shape is longer than the square face.

Lifting of the eyebrows on a oblong face can draw people to your eyes and distract from the length of the face. Temple filler can also help this face shape as it increases the width of the face, evening out the structure.

  • Kate Windslet

  • Chris Hemsworth


Diamond faces usually have defined cheekbones, and a strong jawline. They also have a narrow forehead.

Filler in the jawline and the cheekbones is a great way of maintaining the unique and beautiful features of the face. Also nasolabial fold dermal filler will be beneficial to this face if needed so there aren't as many lines on the face from all the structure.

  • Megan Fox

  • Nick Jonas


The round face shape is… round! The edges of the face are soft and the forehead has a small width and height.

Dermal filler in the cheeks will keep the soft appearance but also add definition and a youthful look. Chin filler can also help to give the round face to improve projection and vertical height, for a more proportional look.

  • Selena Gomez

  • Leonardo Dicaprio


The oval face is the ‘most preferred facial shape’. The forehead and jaw are the same width with a gentle facial outline. The cheeks are slightly wider than the forehead and jaw with an oval chin.

Cheek filler will add definition to this face shape and jawline filler will also add to this definition.

  • Beyonce

  • Will Smith

Of course everyone has their own opinions and no face shape is any more beautiful than the other!

Here are some different lip shapes. We use a variety of techniques tailored to your unique anatomy!

Our lips are one of the most vulnerable areas for ageing as the skin is very thin. Over time our lips start to lose fullness and wrinkles start to appear, which can make them look less hydrated.

With our range of lip fillers we can subtly enhance and replace lost volume. Dermal filler treatments can provide natural looking results to ease the signs of ageing and subtly enhance what nature has given us, for adults whatever their age. For instance dermal fillers can add fullness to thin lips, while keeping the look and shape natural.

Your smile can light up your face and get attention every time you speak, so it’s important that you love the way you look!

Russian- For ‘Russian lips’ we can use a technique called fencing, this adds definition to the border for a more full but flat appearance.

Lip rejuvenation- This is a combination of all of the lip filling techniques and this would depend on your unique lip shape and what you are trying to achieve. It is often used to restore a lip that has started to age, by restoring the structure of the lip and adding a natural amount of volume back into the body of the lip creating a more youthful appearance.

Lip volumising- We use a technique called linear threads for more volumised, plump and defined lips.

Adding lip definition- Any of the above techniques can be used for adding definition. This would depend on your lip shape.

Treatment for gummy smile using muscle relaxants- The gummy smile is a descriptive term for when someone smiles and their upper lip elevates too high above their teeth exposing gums. This is often down to a hyperactive muscle that elevates the lip.

Anti wrinkle treatment is injected at both sides of the junction between the nostrils and nose to mouth folds to weaken the strength of the muscles.

Also as below, lip filler treatment can help to further transform your smile by filling an empty lip or adding projection to the lip helping to prevent it from folding under.

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