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The difference with premium product...

Established in Geneva, Switzerland in 2003, TEOXANE Laboratories was founded by Valérie Taupin with the vision of combining innovation, quality and consumer safety to develop high performance, avant-garde Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers and dermocosmetics products based on rigorous scientific research.

When a dermal filler is injected into the face, it is subjected to a wide range of facial movements and pressures that occur when you express emotions, talk, eat…

These can alter the properties and behaviour of the filler.

Fillers need to be designed with facial dynamics in mind, so they seamlessly follow our facial expressions and resist deformations and pressures from skin layers for natural and long-lasting results.

This is where Teoxane comes in.

Teoxane is the first aesthetics company to put facial movement at the heart of its product design and testing, with its new range of dynamic premium fillers, Teosyal RHA® by Teoxane.

This is the first collection of dermal fillers indicated for dynamic wrinkles and folds and adapted to the mobile regions of the face.

This is why Tinkable choose Teoxane over and over again:

  • SUPPLENESS: to adapt faster to facial movement and preserve natural facial expressions

  • RESISTANCE: to repeatedly bounce back from deep muscle pressures for long-lasting volume

  • STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY: to withstand facial stresses without fragmenting for predictable results with no irregularities.

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