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Protect and Serve- Keeping Safe When Undergoing Aesthetic Treatments

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Our Protect and Serve campaign is all about keeping safe when

undergoing aesthetic treatments. There are always risks when it comes to

injectable treatments and if they are not performed correctly, this is where

these problems can arise

This campaign will inform you of all the key things to look out for when

choosing your practitioner or clinic, and why it is so important to do your


Selecting a safe practitioner is imperative when thinking about having any

aesthetic treatments. This is due to the world of filler being completely

unregulated, so anyone and everyone can get hold of these products and

administer treatments with little/no experience in the medical field.

Medical professionals have the understanding and knowledge that is

required when administering injectable treatments. Many people are

influenced by cheap prices, when the focus should be on whether or

not they are in safe hands, after all, we are talking about your face!

Here at Tinkable, we are Save Face accredited, this is a national register of

accredited medical professionals who provide non-surgical treatments

such as dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. Being part of Save Face

means that all Tinkable clinics and practitioners have to follow strict

protocols and guidelines to be a member.

All Doctors, Nurses and Dentists are registered with a governing body and

are given a PIN, which can be checked to see if you are in safe

hands. Furthermore, they are given additional training in aesthetics to

undergo treatments. You can search the register using their unique pins

or the full name of your practitioner on the following websites; GMC for

doctors, NMC for nurses and GDC for dentists. If your practitioner shows up

from your search, then your practitioner is a medical professional and

understands facial anatomy! If they do not show up from your search then

they are not medically qualified and are not a Doctor, Nurse or Dentist.

When considering all the possible risks that could take place when having

aesthetic treatments, it is always important to know whether your

practitioner is aware of the necessary steps to take if something was to go

wrong. For example, If you have an allergic reaction to your filler, a medical

professional is trained to know what to do following this reaction. Another

factor to consider is if you need your filler to be dissolved, a non-medical

practitioner is unable to do this without a medical prescriber.

All of our practitioners are independent nurse prescribers with experiences

such as emergency care, is a member of the British Association of

Cosmetic Nurses and having a master's level as a nurse prescriber. The

years of experience from all of our practitioners in the medical field before

aesthetics gives them the knowledge and experience to handle any

complications. They have undergone extensive aesthetic training and

consistently update these practices, therefore, understanding the facial

anatomy to administer treatments with providing exceptional results

At Tinkable, we have close relationships with high-end aesthetic brand

representatives such as Teoxane and Allergan. This allows us to know

everything there is to know about the products we are using from the

manufacturers themselves. This can also be extremely useful, given that

there are any complications, as we can get support from our reps at

these companies.

Tinkable have been in the industry for 17 years and has grown within the

world of aesthetics, with our practitioners constantly updating their skills

and knowledge during this time.

During a consultation at Tinkable, your practitioner will go through all of

the risks and talk you through any aftercare, so even when you leave the

clinic you feel as though you know the necessary precautions to take

following your treatment.

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