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How to stay safe in a cowboy industry...

There is an increase in the number of people getting cosmetic treatments, but did you know there is also an increase in the number of practitioners offering treatments?

Dermal filler products are available to anyone and are completely unregulated, so it is extremely important for you to research the clinic or practitioner before visiting so you are aware of whether they have the necessary training and qualifications to administer these treatments.

At Tinkable all of our practitioners offering injectable treatments are medical professionals, which is shown on the Safe Face website.

Tinkable are Safe Face accredited, meaning our professional standards are recognised by the Government, The Department of Health, NHS England, The Care Quality Commission and HEE. We are also listed on their search engine with our own dedicated personal page on their website, which is accessible to anyone wanting to find out more about what validates us as an aesthetic company. There you will be able to find out about all of our training records, qualifications and insurance certificates. Through this we are demonstrating our dedication and commitment to having the best possible practice standards to our clients. You can even see what we have been rated out of 5 for the following by our clients:

  • The staff were courteous and respectful

  • My privacy and dignity were respected

  • I was happy with the presentation and quality of information provided

  • During the procedure, the staff made me feel comfortable and reassured

  • I was happy with the treatment provided

  • I was happy with the aftercare advice and follow up

Having your treatments done by a medical practitioner will be beneficial to you as they have the level of skill, knowledge and experience to be able to do your treatment to a professional standard and they will also know what actions to take given there are any complications from a treatment. They will know what advice to give you and are able to prescribe you medication you may need. It is absolutely crucial that the right action is taken to rectify any issues that may occur.

If you visit a clinic and they are not Safe Face accredited you should check that your injector is medically trained and qualified to inject anti wrinkle treatment and dermal filler by following these steps:

  1. Check they're registered with a regulatory body like the GMC, NMC or DMC

  2. Check that the clinic is registered with Save Face or the CQC. This demonstrated that they have been assessed against and met high quality standards to keep you safe.

  3. Look for certificates for training and qualifications

  4. Check for evidence they are up-to-date with the latest procedures, training and products

  5. Confirm their clinic is insured and the products and equipment they use are licensed and genuine.

We hope you enjoyed our latest blog.

Love, Tinkable X

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