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Enjoy the discretion and tranquility throughout your Cooltech fat freezing journey. At our Enville Clinic, located near Kinver, in the beautiful South Staffordshire countryside. For added comfort, during the treatment you will be lying down and will be able to read a book, work on your ipad or talk on the phone with no rush, pain or stress. Yes, this means you really can lose inches and unwind.

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“Tinkable are always professional in their approach to skin concerns and this treatment has, once again, put them at the top of my list when it comes to caring for myself and keeping myself looking younger and healthier.”


Cooltech Fat Freezing is a medically graded safe machine, providing a professionally controlled, non-invasive, non-surgical lipo, fat cell destroying treatment, in 70 minutes to provide amazing fat reduction results with minimum discomfort. This treatment provides a fat loss solution that requires no surgery or downtime.


The term ‘Cool sculpt’ comes from the procedure, which uses cryolipolysis technology to sculpt the body, providing inch loss. This machine is designed for medical cosmetic fat reduction treatments by applying sub zero temperatures in a controlled manner into fat cells, for a prolonged period of time. The controlled cooling science is maintained for a time between 45 - 70 minutes (dependant on treatment area) then the fat cells starts a process of natural elimination over a period of weeks working through the lymphatic system. A fantastic, scientific proven technology that will deliver fantastic results after one treatment.

Cool Sculpting is a popular non surgical lipo treatment that is capable of targeting specific areas of unwanted fat, such as stomach, waist, love handles (flanks), hips, inner thighs, back, upper arms, double chin. This treatment does not require surgery, which makes the treatment an ideal alternative to liposuction for removing stubborn fat, which proves difficult to lose by weight loss, diets and exercise alone.


At the beginning of your treatment, a thorough consultation will take place, covering a full health check to ensure you are suitable for the treatment, discussing the treatment procedure, and what to expect after treatment. Once this has been understood by yourself, we can create you a treatment plan.

You will be asked if you’re happy for your photos to be taken, body measurements and weight for result references. When this is complete, we will position you comfortably on the couch, where you will remain for the duration of the treatment. A cooling gel membrane will then be placed onto the area of treatment, shortly followed by the CoolTech suction head itself. This will feel uncomfortable for the first 5-10 minutes, as this is when the suction and freezing of the fat cells begin to work down to a -8 degree temperature. During the 70 minute process (depending on area treating), you will feel pulsations from the machine, and a slight numbing sensation.


Once the treatment has finished, the suction head will be removed followed by the cooling gel membrane, the area will then be massaged to encourage warmth back into the area, and to encourage blood flow. It is advised you take a gentle walk after the treatment, with a bottle of water, to bring back the nerve sensations, and blood flow to the area. This will also encourage the destroyed fat cells to begin their elimination through the lymphatic system.


Here, at Tinkable, we offer free consultations where you’ll meet with our Skin Technician Bek, she will discuss with you your concerns, and create a treatment plan for specifically designed to help achieve your goals.

FAQ's about Fat Freezing
  • Can anyone have Fat Freezing?

    No, this treatment is not suitable for everyone. Cryolipolysis is not a treatment for obesity or for weight loss. For the best results, your BMI needs to be 30 or below. Fat freezing can be performed on squeezable pockets of subcutaneous fat.

  • What are the side effects?

    Fat freezing is a safe and effective treatment, however following your treatment you may experience bruising at the area treated, which can last for up to 1-2 weeks. The area can feel numb for up to 1 week after treatment. Straight after treatment, the area will remain cold for a few hours to a few days, until the blood supply has full returned. These are normal side effects which most clients feel.

  • Does this treatment hurt?

    You’re probably thinking this is going to hurt and be freezing cold! But no, we can assure you the treatment is non-invasive, a double sided membrane is used on the area to protect the skin, and after the first 10 minutes the area is numb (sensation will return in due course).

  • When will I see my results?

    Results are best achieved around the 8 week mark. This is when you should book in to see your practitioner to review your results, and book your next session (if required). The same area can be retreated within 6-8 weeks prior to your first session.

  • Do I need to diet and exercise whilst having this treatment?

    Yes, you will need to require a healthy lifestyle as this will boost your end results. You will be weighed at the beginning and end of your treatment, measurements of the area to be treated will be taken throughout the process and photos will be taken, to view your results. We do have a food diary tracker you can use, if you feel this will help to keep you on track during your treatment process.

  • How many treatments can I have?

    Ideally, the area of concern will need to be treated 3 times in a year to see the maximum results possible. We wouldn’t advise any more than this, as the area will remove up to 20% of fat cells in one treatment, and we wouldn’t want to make the area sensitised.

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