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Using the world's smartest dental technology, we are offering a range of dentist prescribed teeth straightening using invisible clear aligners, that are quick, invisible and comfortable.

With us being 60% less than dental clinic prices, our treatments start from under £100 a month, with 0% finance plans available.


Our invisible aligners are prescribed by our dentists, powered by the award-winning Toothfairy TM health regulated app. Less time off work, and more time being monitored by a dentist during your treatment.

£1399 for a mild case available at Tinkable (RRP £3500+ in traditional dental clinics).


0% finance plans available for 6 and 12 months.

Using technology, we can drive down the cost of treatment, whilst accelerating the treatment process.

We are partnering with the world's first dental app Toothfairy TM to be founded and run by dentists, delivering high-quality care.

Submit a free consult below and one of our dental team will be in touch to discuss the steps and how you can transform your smile.

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