Nuisance skin tags, milia, veins, and moles can be targeted with our Diathermy treatment.

What is Sterex Diathermy?

The diathermy machine uses a fine needle to treat the area of concern, by sending a electrical current to the area being treated, ensuring safe effective treatment to the blemish, to reduce or cauterise it. We use short wave diathermy to treat skin blemishes.


  • Skin Tags

    Excess skin commonly found on friction areas; under arms, neck, under bust.

  • Milia

    White lumps under the skin, usually found around the eyes and cheek area.

  • Facial Telangiectasia

    Thread veins usually found on the nose, chin and cheek area.

  • Campbell De Morgan

    Red cherry spots found on the trunk of the body.

  • Spider Naevi

    Similar to a thread vein, except a centre red circle (body) with legs coming off.


Your consultation is a two step process, our skin technician will want to examine your concerns and discuss how to get the best possible results  for you.

At this stage we will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the machine we use, the treatment, your expectations, timescales & risks.


Skin concerns can usual be treat on the same day and once you and our skin technician are happy, they will proceed with the treatment.


This treatment is quick and slightly uncomfortable (numbing cream is optional). Some skin concerns such as moles (must be checked by GP first) may require more than one treatment.


At the final stage our skin technician will talk to you about post treatment care.


Treated areas may be red and the area may feel sore and sensitive. The effects will last up to a week and the area will scab over as it heals.

  • No hot showers/swimming/sauna for 48 hours

  • Avoid picking any small scabs that may form - this will disrupt the healing process

  • Apply witch hazel twice daily for 3 days post treatment

FAQ's about Sterex Diathermy
  • Will I be scarred after this treatment?

    No, the treatment is safe and controlled so there is no scarring after treatment present. No good healthy skin will be treated.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    This is dependant on the size of the concern. Smaller concerns are quicker to respond to treatment, larger concerns could take a few sessions.

  • What is the process for this treatment?

    Firstly, you will have a consultation to discuss your concerns and we will put together a treatment plan for you. If you are happy to continue with treatment on that day, this is possible. The area being treated will be cleansed first, then a fine needle with heat will be used to treat the concern, adapting treatment methods dependant on the concern. Witch hazel will be applied to the treated area once complete, and aftercare advice will be provided. We book a follow up appointment 4 weeks prior your initial treatment to check your results and healing process.

Sclerotherapy for leg veins

Sclerotherapy is a treatment that targets and minimises the appearance of veins and broken capillaries on the leg area, not varicose veins.



After your free consultation you will book an appointment with your nurse to come back and have the area discussed treated. This is so we can order bespoke fitted stockings for the aftercare of your treatment.


This treatment involves an injectable solution targeting the veins to diminish their appearance. 

Post treatment your nurse will give you a detailed understanding of what you can expect. There may be some bruising and tenderness in the treated area. We have a dedicated 24/7 post treatment telephone number that your nurse will provide you with.

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