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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

It’s time to peel away the skin damage and prepare for a fresh, healthy, glowing new you!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my latest blog post where I have interviewed our skin technician Bek. Today we are talking all things chemical peels!

As the summer has well and truly departed, I feel it's time for us to take a deeper look into our skin and provide it with the post summer hydration and glow that may now be missing! We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a few weeks of hot British weather, and some of us have even been lucky enough to get abroad for a well deserved break! However, if you've read my other blogs, you'll understand how much the sun can damage our precious skin. If not - fear not, I’ll give you a brief break down!

Sun exposure is the leading factor to damaged, ageing skin, and although the sun makes us all feel happier and we look visibly healthier with a tan, it’s vital to be ever so careful whilst under UV rays.

So, now is the perfect time to provide your skin with the hydration it’s craving, and improve the blemishes that may have appeared over the summer months.

Some of you may ask, what is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a professional clinical treatment carried out by a qualified skin technician, using different methods of exfoliation to boost your skin. Chemical peels can target fine lines, pigmentation, acne, uneven texture - the list is endless! The word chemical simply means acid, and acids come in different types, you may have heard of some of the following: Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Mandelic acid, and each of these acids have a responsibility to respond to your different skin concerns. Each of these acids come in different strength percentages. We can work on your skin at the lowest level of 5% right up to the highest level of 90% if needs be.

I asked Bek what happens when you come in for a skin consultation?

You’ll be warmly welcomed into the Enville Skin Clinic by one of our friendly receptionists, where you will be seated shortly to relax and unwind before beginning your consultation with me. Tea or coffee is available on request.

When you are ready, we’ll go through to my treatment room and have a conversation about your skin concerns/questions/treatments. I usually begin my consultations by handing you my mirror and asking you to tell me three skin concerns (that is if you have three!) you wish to improve whilst in clinic with myself, and at home by yourself. Dependant on your concerns, I will discuss with you which acids I believe will help to lead us on the right track, and back to you loving your skin!

We will discuss treatment plans to fit around your lifestyle and we will also discuss what your current skincare routine is at home (if you have one). If you are happy with your routine, great! I'm a firm believer to stick with what your skin likes! However, if you're finding you're not quite getting the results from your products you've been using for a while then we need to change them. I have one rule in clinic regarding skin care and it is to bin the face wipes immediately! There are much better quick fix removal products out there that will cause less damage to your skin than a wipe! #beksaysbinthewipes

So, what's next?

Following consultation, we will have made a plan of action together so now is the time to put it to practice! The chemical peel protocol is as follows:


Double cleanse


Mechanical exfoliation

Peel prep

*bespoke selected acid for your concerns - can be on your skin for 3-5 mins*

Neutralize acid

Face mask *bespoke to your skin concern*

Treatment serum


And it's as simple as that! I will discuss with you during treatment how to monitor the sensations you’ll feel on your skin during the treatment to maintain a safe and comfortable treatment for you.

Now, it's down to you! What you do after treatment and how you look after your skin after treatment, will determine your results. I’ll discuss with you helpful tricks and tips for how to make the most out of your treatment, but this requires dedication and commitment from your side too. I’m happy to offer you all the advice in the world, you’ll see me in clinic possibly twice a month for treatment, and what you do at home with products will be every day, which therefore your maximises results!

Enville skin clinic is open

Tuesday 11-7 pm

Wednesdays 11-7 pm (from the 16th October)

Thursday, Friday and Saturdays 9:30am-5:30pm

We offer free consultations and advice!

Love Sally Talks Tinkable and Bek at home x

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