Profhilo, taking the industry by storm!

Profhilo is the first stabilised injectable product of the wonderful molecule Hyaluronic Acid. It really is amazing! It has hydrating properties that not only boost the skin, but also improve signs of ageing and sagging skin. This is achieved by remodelling the skin’s laxity.

When Profhilo is injected, it stimulates the body’s natural collagen creating more firm, plump skin. Not only does Profhilo improve the texture of the skin, it creates a glow like never before, you’ll be radiating from the inside out!

Profhilo is suitable to be used on various areas of the body. Here at Tinkable, we’ve had fantastic results and seen a huge improvement to areas such as the face, neck, décolletage and arms.

Most patients are sold on this treatment as soon as they hear hydration and glow. We provide free consultations for a Profhilo treatment and allow time at your consultation to go ahead with the treatment should you wish, following a full medical consultation.

The Treatment

Profhilo is injected with just five key sites across the face, and just a few more when injecting neck or body with a microfine needle, the trauma and downtime is little to none.

We recommend two treatments initially four weeks apart, with the manufacturers recommending repeating this every six months. Through my personal experience with patients and their results, I have so many who love it so much they get their initial treatment done and rebook the treatment three to four months afterwards. As Profhilo is a stimulating skin booster, it can be repeated more often than your BDDE containing dermal fillers as there is no chance of you looking over filled or unnatural.

Patients have seen results start to show a week after the first session but continue to work up to 28 days post treatment. This is when you will repeat the treatment to boost the results you already have, this will also aid the longevity of your results.

Now Winter has arrived, the cold weather and central heating causes skin dryness so why not treat yourself to Profhilo? You will not be disappointed.

Remember…. Summer Skin is made in Winter.

Nurse Charlotte Grundy INP RGN

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