My favourite treatment & why?

Dr Tracey Hopwood, Tinkable, Ashford, Kent

Wow, this is hard! How do I choose?

I think that I will actually take a leaf out of the politicians’ handbook and not directly commit to a single answer! Rather, I will say that probably Combined Injectable Treatments for Full Facial Rejuvenation are my best-loved to perform. Of the ‘single treatments’ I particularly love facial ‘sculpting’ eg of jawlines, chins and cheeks.

My absolute favourite appointments are definitely those where the client says ‘ I just want to look…rejuvenated/ less tired/ less ‘old’. ‘What do you think would help, doctor?’

However, the usual process is that someone will come to me asking for a specific treatment. They might for example request some ’Botox®’ ,thinking that perhaps this is what is needed to address their ‘tired-look’. It frequently turns out that, actually, what would really improve their area of concern, might well be something entirely different!

A thorough assessment of the client including the taking of clinical photos, however, enables me to formulate an individualised ‘prescription’ of treatments. I am then able to present this assessment for them can take away and consider.

Recently, as treatments have evolved, we are starting to move away from the ‘single procedures’ that frankly have limited overall impact. It is often that actually a combination of treatments, such as Botox®, fillers and skincare, will have the maximum effects.

For me, it is truly wonderful to be able to fully utilise my extensive medical and aesthetic training and artistic flair to treat the client as a ‘whole’. I love giving my clients a wonderful boost to their confidence and emotional well-being and also making them look even more fabulous!

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