Dermal Filler Treatment Near Telford.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Even the fitness and healthiest of us cannot hold back the tides of ageing, lines and wrinkles come to us all as our age creeps up.

But what you may not notice is that we also lose volume as we age.

Dermal Fillers are an injectable product which can fill lines and wrinkles and restore volume to cheeks, jawlines, chins and much more.

There are many brands of fillers, and each brand will host various ranges, for example Allergan the manufacturer of Botox have a range of fillers called Juvederm. Juvederm has two main ranges, ultra and Vycross, the Ultra range is mainly for direct injection to correct specific lines and wrinkles, the Vycross range is for restoring volume.

In many cases correcting volume loss, will lift the upper face and also solve the cause of lower face concerns.

Other uses for Dermal fillers are sculpting , shaping and enhancement. These uses for fillers are usually favored by younger patients looking to enhance their lips for example, sharpen the contour of their cheeks or to add shape to their chin.

The Tinkable clinic in Bridgnorth near Telford and Broseley are a team of medical practitioners who specialise in Dermal Fillers and are experts in the application of their various uses.

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