Botox® in Ashford, Kent

Dr Tracey Hopwood, Tinkable, Ashford

Shhhh, you can’t talk about Botox® ! I mean, what if someone I know finds out? Isn’t it just for Wags, Reality TV Stars and some frozen-faced weird looking Hollywood types?

Well, I can promise you that I’ve seen so many clients who were of the same opinion about Botox® treatments. But I can also say that nearly 100% of them that I treated, changed their minds once they took the first step and tried it.

A Few Common Myths and Misconceptions

You end up with no facial expression:

Of course, if that’s the look you’re wanting then it can be done! Actually, Botox® when done well should be something that only your nearest and dearest will generally notice. Most other people tend to say things like ‘Wow, you’re looking good/well/happy’. I’ve treated ladies whose husbands don’t even realise that they have this done but who have made spontaneous comments to them like ‘your eyes look really beautiful’ !

Botox® is only used for Frivolous Reasons

Its original use was by neurologists and ophthalmologists and its effect on improving the appearance of wrinkles was actually an incidental finding. Nowadays, there are a multitude of clinical uses for it, including, migraines, neck and back pain, overactive bladder and muscular spasm after a stroke.

At the Tinkable Clinic in Ashford, it can be used for the medical treatment of excessive sweating or ‘Hyperhidrosis’ and will eliminate the problem for around 4-6 months. Another great medical and aesthetic use is in treatment of the main chewing muscles, the Masseters. Botox® can be used there to help relieve bruxism, also known as ‘teeth grinding’. In women this is also used to slim down the lower face and will improve the appearance of a square jaw, making the face shape more oval and feminine.

Only Women have Botox®

Although it’s true that the majority of clients we treat are women, there is a definite increase in the number of men who are requesting a variety of aesthetic treatments. Men are following social media too and want to get rid of their ‘angry’ frown lines or are wanting fillers to give them that strong, square, masculine jawline.

Did you Know?

As well as treating areas such as the forehead, Crow’s feet and Frown Lines, there are a number of other areas of the face and indications where Botox® can be used. Some common uses are, to elevate the tail of the eyebrow, to eliminate a ‘turkey neck’ or ‘gummy smile’, or to treat ‘bunny lines’ etc.

Dermal filler treatments can be combined with Botox® to give excellent results. For example, I will often inject the ‘DAOs’ with Botox® when treating with dermal filler an area of volume loss around the sides of the lips. These DAOs are the muscles which pull down the corners of the mouth and cause that ‘unhappy’ look. After a few days, there is a small but definitely noticeable upturn to the corners of the mouth .

So, why not take the plunge and come and chat with me, Dr Tracey Hopwood about how Botox® at Tinkable, Ashford, Kent might help you?


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