Are you staying safe?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

When you make the decision to have a medical aesthetic treatment, it is very important you are aware of the dangers and we ask that you research the individual practitioner and the practice where they are based. By doing this, you are safeguarding yourself against , inferior products, ( imported from China for example), and malpractice, all of which, unfortunately are rife within the cosmetics industry.

It’s my role with ‘Sally Talks Tinkable’ to protect you, I can offer advice and guidance and hope to inform you on how to receive the best injectable treatment, in the safest way.

Before committing to treatment, I recommend you always ask these questions during your consultation or before you travel, if possible:

  1. Show me the product you will use in my treatment, Can I see the original packaging?You would be amazed at the number of people who pay for Botox but are treated with an inferior toxin.

  2. What are the possible side effects and adverse effects of treatment? All treatments carry risks, a practitioner who makes light or attempts to passover the seriousness of these, is not prepared for them to occur and has not been totally upfront with you.

  3. If I experienced one of these adverse effects, what would you do? Only a medical prescriber, has the ability for direct access to medication and other first line solutions to adverse incidents.

  4. How many people do you treat daily, and how quickly can I be in front of you if I have a problem after treatment. Many, inexperienced practitioners offer really cheap treatments in order to get experience, in short they are using you as a Guinea Pig. they then refuse to take your call when you need them.

  5. Are you Save Face accredited. Any practitioner concerned with safety and offering quality treatments will be accredited with Save Face. Simple.

  6. What’s the aftercare for this treatment? Any clinic or practitioner worth their salt will give you a list of aftercare instruction and/or do’s or don’t.

Remember, staying safe is not an option, it is a priority. It’s only about price.

Know the warning signs and always do your research. If you ignore a red flag or a gut feeling you could end up in a world of hurt and regret.

Make sure you are staying safe.


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