Got a skin tag hanging on?!

A skin tag looks like an extra ‘bubble of flesh’ above the skin’s surface. More often than not, the ‘bubble’ will have a ‘stalk’ at the base of the growth. These can vary from very tiny, only visible to an eye when searching for one, to the size of a pea! Skin tags can also vary in colour, often varying from light beige, through to darkest brown.

Skin tags are commonly found on friction areas of the human body, such as underarms possibly caused by frictions from clothing; neck area can be due to necklaces, high neck tops or roll neck tops/jumpers, scarf wearers; back area, caused by underwear rubbing repeatedly in the same area. Skin tags can even be present on backs of knees, eyelids, and hairlines!

Ideally to achieve the desired result, they will need to be treated professionally and with care, to avoid scarring to the target area and full removal down to the ‘stalk’ to ensure the blood supply feeding the skin tag has been removed. If the stalk hasn’t been effectively removed, the skin tag will keep growing.

At Tinkable we use a Sterex diathermy machine which uses a fine needle to treat the skin tag, by sending a electrical current to the area being treated, ensuring safe effective treatment to the blemish, to reduce or cauterise it. We use short wave diathermy to treat skin blemishes.

Nuisance skin tags, milia, cherry spots, veins, and moles can all be targeted with our Diathermy treatment.

It often only requires one treatment (dependent on size of skin tag) including a free follow up treatment if necessary.

Cost is £100 per session of removal.

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