5 steps to flawless skin this Christmas!

Christmas is soon upon us, one of the busiest times of the year for us all. With the family gatherings one day, the drinks with friends the next, then parties until the early morning, our skin can really take the back seat!

So, at Tinkable we know your frustration, so come and escape the madness with a mince pie or glass of mulled wine before or after your treatment, aesthetic or skin, and we will promise your stress levels will decrease, and you’ll leave the clinic feeling refreshed, revitalized and merry!

Here's, 5 steps to flawless skin this Christmas:

Step one - Hydration is key

Always try your best to drink 2+ litres of water daily. This will keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated. Especially as the cold weather has now arrived, our skins are more prone to redness, sensitivity and irritation. Making sure our bodies are hydrated from the inside out, as well as the outside in, will keep your skin glowing through Christmas!

Step two - Cleanse before bed

No matter how many mulled wines we’ve had during a day/night of festivities, when it comes to taking our makeup off before bed, this is a must! Going to bed with makeup on can age our skin up to 7 times faster! As well as speeding up wrinkles, it causes clogged pores, breakouts, dryness and irritation, as well as broken eyelashes, and even infections! So even if it's the only thing you do, always cleanse your skin before bed!

Step three - Booster serums

Serums are great for targeting specific skin concerns, whether it’s anti ageing, pigmentation or scarring, a serum is exactly what we need to get into our skins! Retinol serums are an all over highly recommended serum, these can come in different strengths depending on the severity of our personal concerns. To keep your skin tip top this Christmas period, I personally would recommend the Glo Renew Serum we use here in the skin clinics.

Step four - Avoid the yo-yo diet, eat your skin healthier

Dare I say it? Even though it’s Christmas, and we all love to indulge into our favourite chocolates or biscuits, it is still so important to maintain eating healthy and controlling our diets. Making sure we have plenty of fruit and veg (even if it’s in a fruit cake!) will massively help control your skin during the festive period. With the combination of late nights, excessive alcohol and party foods, this can lead to dehydration, a flush of burst blood vessels leading to thread veins. Party foods, sugary snacks and puddings tend to lead to a rise in blood sugar, which can accelerate hormone imbalances, leading to spots and skin redness. So, as much as we love either quality streets, celebrations or fox's biscuits, please do try your hardest to gain hydration from your fruit and veg too! (refer to step one)

Step five - You time

And lastly, make time for yourself! After all the chaos of shopping, wrapping presents, and socialising, it is time to pamper yourself and unwind under a cosy blanket, listening to peaceful music and letting your mind drift away to a calmer place. Here at Tinkable, we have offers on throughout December, including up to 50% off selected treatments, aimed to target your skin concerns. Whether it be Crystal Clear microdermabrasion, Glo chemical peels, SHR laser rejuvenation, we have it all covered…

P.s. We have a little something waiting in clinic for you…Did I hear someone say money off your next treatment?! ...

Most importantly, from all of us at Tinkable, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year, if not before! xx

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