When is the best time to have a chemical skin peel?! Ever?!

As you may know, chemical skin peels have the stigma that they will leave you bright red for weeks, and you will be walking around with big peely bits of skin hanging off your face! You’ve probably seen the scene of off Sex and the City with Amanda’s face looking a shade of red and unsightly!

However, this couldn’t be more wrong! When Glo chemical skin peels are carried out professionally and with care, they will leave your skin feel revitalised, hydrated and plump, with a healthy glow!

Glo Chemical skin peels can be carried out all year round, taking into consideration your holidays and other commitments such as parties, and events. During the Autumn/Winter months, our skins naturally lack in Hyaluronic Acid, due to the increase in central heating, the daily battle of wind and rain on our skin and drinking more hot/caffeinated drinks for warmth and comfort to name a few. There are different types of peels containing different acidic ingredients to target hydration and radiance to our skins for these months. However, this plays into your favour, as there is rarely hot sun present during these months, it allows for the higher strength peels to be carried out safely, due to the lack of sunlight or heat around is. We still strongly recommend using an SPF30 on your skin daily, at this time of year. (Yes, there are benefits to the autumn and winter months!!). Throughout spring and summer, you can still treat your skin using Glo chemical peels, however more conscious care is required from your side, to ensure you’re using an SPF50 daily to protect your post peel skin from hyperpigmentation or skin damage.

Before & After - Glo Skin Peel

At Tinkable, we recommend a thorough consultation before hand with our skin technician. This is when Bek, will discuss with you the suitability of Glo Chemical peels for your skins concerns, to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Chemical skin peels do not need to be seen as scary or painful! The strength of the chemical peels will depend on the severity of your skins concern, however we will, together, work through a treatment plan to ensure your skin has the correct strength and structure to it, before beginning the higher percentage peels.

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