Models - What, how & why?

Very often we ask for volunteers to be models for various treatments.

But what is a model and what's involved in being a model for Tinkable, come to think of it, why do we need models at all.

Let me see if I can throw some light on the subject.

Why do Tinkable need models?

Firstly, we are very proud of the things we have achieved at Tinkable.

These achievements include the excellence award from Save Face, the industry regulators and the excellence award from Phorest which is a platform that monitors positive patient feedback.

It is likely that the use of models contributed in a large way to the improvements needed to gain these awards.

Tinkable put incredible focus, investment and effort into maintaining quality, that's quality of treatment through consent training and certification, quality of the products we use, by constant research and case study of new fillers and toxins and by trialing new techniques, so we can compare results and make informed decisions as to which is best for our patients.

It's easy to underestimate and undervalue the qualification, training and commitment that our nurse prescribers need to gain the skills and knowledge needed, allowing them to provide the standards of service they offer on a daily basis..

We work on the concept of continuous improvement and when you couple this with the need to meet our annual re-validation for each nurse and inspection requirements for each clinic as well as each individual nurse, you soon get a picture of just how many models we may need each year.

What is a model?

Models usually come from our customer base, they know and trust us and are happy to have treatment as a model.

Treatment as a model usually implies that this particular treatment will have an advantage for Tinkable. Another purpose as well as the needs of the patient been the model.

So for example, 3 areas of Botox will be offered at a discounted price because the nurse being re-validated needs to perform a treatment in front of an examiner.

Lip filler treatment will be offered to a model at a discounted price because the nurse doing the treatment is testing another brand of lip filler which has been recommended as been of a higher quality than Juvederm, which we have used for years..

The examples go on, but I think you get the picture.

Why are treatments discounted?

There are certain terms and conditions that must be agreed to by the model and in return we offer a discount.

An example of the terms and conditions are:

Where training is involved the trainer or examiner may be running late and therefore your appointment may take longer or start later then organised.

Usually it is a condition of been a model that we use before and after photos without limitation.

There may be 3-4 or even more practitioners in the treatment room, and discussion may take place over the techniques and methods been used.

Overall, although there is no change in the quality of service, as a model you should expect that the focus of treatment may be shared with the objective that we need to achieve on that day.

How can I become a model?

Selection of models is on a first come basis, we need you to apply through our website.

We have published a list of treatments available, who they will be with and the reason why we need models.

Feel free to view and select multiple opportunities if you so wish. Provided you are suitable, then the chances are that you will be offered a discounted treatment as a model.


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