Lip Augmentation, is it as straightforward as everyone thinks?

Updated: Jan 23

Currently within the aesthetics industry some clients are seeking out the cheapest price they can find to have their lips enhanced, but is saving money actually worth it? This is the question they need to ask themselves. Yes, most dermal fillers used are not permanent but when you’re paying for a treatment it should surely be the best quality possible.

At Tinkable Aesthetic Clinic it is becoming a recurrence that we are seeing new and existing clients who have had lip augmentation with dermal filler elsewhere, driven by price, only to achieve dissatisfaction, disappointment and often saddened with the results. Sometimes this is just down to the ‘job being-done badly’. For example, their finished lips have no ‘finesse’ and the lip filler is placed with no thought. Evidently there has been no respect for appropriate ratios, skill or sometimes, which is more worrying for us as medical practitioners, they are left with a result which can culminate in long lasting damage.

What do we mean by a ‘job being done badly?’

To us at Tinkable in cases such as these, we frequently would encounter firstly overloading filler above the lip border; this is out of the lip itself. Usually this is seen above the top lip, when a practitioner has allowed a client to continually have their lip filled without allowing the lip time to expand at its own rate. It’s simply too much filler too often or poorly placed injection sites.

Secondly, there can be lumps or irregularities within the body of the lip; these can even be seen hanging down from the inside of the lip when smiling, again poorly placed injection sites are the reason.

Thirdly the most serious of them all, what can happen in inexperienced hands? Necrosis (cell death). This happens when the dermal filler is mistakenly injected into a blood vessel, blocking the blood supply to the lip or sometimes other parts of the face. This can be resolved efficiently if the symptoms are promptly noticed by an experienced medical practitioner. Most of the common dermal fillers used are hyaluronic acid based and can be dissolved, however, the longer you leave the tissue without a supply of blood the more likely it is to die, resulting in long term permanent damage.

The latter problem, Necrosis, could happen to any client no matter how experienced the practitioner is, skin is not transparent, therefore a sound knowledge of facial anatomy and skills in handling and managing complications is key to preventing long-term damage.

Another risk is infection, thankfully this is something we don’t see too much of, most clients after losing confidence in their practitioner will go to the GP over seeking the correct help and advice from an experienced medical aesthetic practitioner.

If aftercare is not followed according to medical guidelines, this can potentially happen in cases where clients have been treated by a non-medic. Without a practitioner with a medical background they will struggle to have access to the best course of action for a complaint, usually a course of antibiotics, which would need prescribing and monitoring.

Dermal fillers are not beauty treatments they are classed as a medical device and to achieve a result worth boasting about it is not as straightforward as most people think. Despite the growing popularity, many people are unaware of the dangers of having poorly administered lip fillers.

Don’t be put off! Tinkable are a huge advocate for when lip filler is done correctly and how the result can make a huge difference to someone’s face and definitely does not need to look big or ‘trout like’.

Top benefits of lip filler:

1. The fillers we use consist of varying concentrations of hyaluronic acid and are extremely hydrating; they can make a pursed lip look more naturally hydrated.

2. Volume, this can either be by making the lip bigger and more attractive or by restoring any lost volume that depletes the older we get.

3. Adding some structure or some ‘oomph’ to the lip; sharp, crisp borders and sultry volume are what makes a lip sexy and makes us women and men feel more attractive.

4. Delaying the ageing progress. Many of you reading this will of noticed those pesky lines above and below the lip starting to appear or feel that their lip is disappearing, this is where dermal filler to the lip can become very handy. Subtle enhancement and replacement of the vermillion border can take 10 years of a once aged mouth.

There is not a ‘one filler fits all’ when it comes to lip augmentation. Effective mutual assessment, creating a plan and choosing the appropriate product for what you hope to achieve are all elements that help to build the perfect lip.

Let Tinkable create the lips you will love.


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