Blemishes, tiny white dots & red veins - sound familiar?

Sterex - Advanced Electrolysis Treatments…

What does that mean?

Do the words;

  • Skin Tags

  • Millia

  • Campbell De Morgan

  • Spider Naevi

  • Telangiectasia - mean anything to you?

You may know these described as red spots, tiny white dots, loose skin, or red veins?

These concerns can be found anywhere on our body, ranging in different sizes.

Here at Tinkable, these are all treatable areas of concern. A Sterex diathermy machine is used with different sizes of needles to ‘tap’ on the area of concern. This contact uses a small electrical current to the area being treated to reduce, remove or cauterise.

First things first, you will have a consultation and we will together discuss the treatment procedure. Here any of your concerns or any questions you have will be answered and addressed. We will cover a medical questionnaire to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. We can discuss the advised aftercare, home care procedure and what you can expect from your treatment.

If you are happy with all the above, you are treatment ready!

We appreciate these blemishes are personal and not something some of you may want to share publicly, so have a look example images of the skin blemishes discussed previously.

Do not hesitate to contact the clinic for more information.

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