Fat, Summer & Hang Ups...

Who loves the sun and feels 100% body confident in a summer dress or bikini?

Most of you reading this will be thinking ‘hell no I don’t!’ but don’t fear, you are not alone, we can help!

Now, let's cut to the chase!

It's nearly summer time, meaning time to bare more skin, store away the baggy jumpers, switch to your summer wardrobe and reveal a little more skin! Does the thought of this terrify you?! It does me! I am a person who would choose a baggy jumper over a summer dress any day! But thankfully, we, at Tinkable, can help you resolve those body hang ups!

Have you heard about our Cooltech Fat Freezing machine? You’re probably thinking what does this mean? Can fat be frozen? How does it work? Is this effective and safe?

CoolSculpting is a popular fat reduction treatment that is capable of targeting specific areas of unwanted fat. It does not require surgery, making it an ideal alternative to liposuction for removing stubborn fat, which proves difficult to lose by weight loss, diets and exercise alone.

The term ‘Coolsculpt’ comes from the the procedure, which uses a process called cryolipolysis to sculpt the body. This machine is designed for medical cosmetic fat reduction treatments by applying cold in a controlled manner into fat cells, for a prolonged period of time. The cold is maintained for a time between 45 - 70 minutes (dependant on treatment area) then the fat tissue starts a process of natural elimination over a period of weeks.

You’re probably thinking this is going to hurt and be freezing! But no, we can assure you the treatment is non-invasive, with minimum discomfort. A double sided membrane is used on the area to protect the skin, and after the first 10 minutes the area is numb (sensation will return in due course).

So, are you a gym go-er? Do you exercise regularly? Do you have a healthy diet? Yet, you just cannot shift those stubborn areas of fat? If so, you are the perfect candidate for this treatment!

On Saturday 2nd June 2018 I'm inviting you to our FREE consultation day with me, the Skin Technician here at Tinkable.

Location: Enville Clinic, 16 The Village, Blundies Lane, Enville, DY7 5HU

Register, click here. limited slots available

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