Have you heard the latest?

Face wipes are to possibly be banned...

Finally... this is like music to every skin technician’s ears!

Let’s fill you in…

Over the bank holiday, the government have decided to add baby wipes/face wipes to the list of plastics to be banned from the UK along with plastic straws, cotton buds, and drink stirrers. This is simply because they include non-biodegradable plastic, which is leading to damaging the environment.

99% of us have used baby wipes/face wipes in the past, whether they’ve been used for a quick fix to removing makeup, wiping sticky fingers, or ‘cleaning’ parts of our anatomy.

Did you know?

  • Wet wipes are 93% behind the blockages to the UK’s sewage system

  • A face wipe will actually move the dirt around your face and rub it in, NOT clean it away or off your skin

  • There is nothing relaxing about tugging and pulling at your skin to remove makeup - this will actually encourage the ageing process

  • If you haven’t removed your makeup correctly, or the general city smog/pollution off your skin, what’s the point in using a moisturiser? It will NOT penetrate into your skin as there is a barrier on top

  • Using a milk cleanser or a cleansing wash, TWICE, will remove all traces of dirt/pollution/city smog off your skin, allowing your moisturisers to do its job

  • Double cleansing is recommended as 1st layer will remove makeup, and 2nd will cleanse the skin with no barriers to breakthrough

  • Face wipes will strip the natural PH levels in your skin, making your sebaceous glands work 10x harder to remake that oil you’ve lost, this can leave you with an oily looking skin...when its actually dehydrated!

Quick fix alternative…

This one simple trick takes just as little time as using a face wipe to remove your makeup does, and it’ll be your new go to! It’s called Glo Gentle Makeup Remover.

This product is amazing! I, myself, am a lover for a quick fix makeup remover if I’m short on time, so this is the ideal product for me.

I apply a small amount onto two pieces of cotton wool, and gently wipe away my makeup. This product has a lovely aroma to it, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and fresh. It’s retail price is £17.00 and you can order this through our website. Get £5 off using promo code, QUICKFIX. T&Cs apply. Limited to one discount code per person, subject to availability. Product can be posted for an additional charge

So, hopefully after you’ve read this, you will rethink your skin care routine. It is very hard to switch your routine after you’ve been doing it for so long, I believe slowly eliminating products one at a time will prepare your skin for change.

If you are unsure what products will suit your skin best, what a skin routine is or what order to use products in, or if you’re looking for some general skin advice, please don’t hesitate to book a free skin consultation with myself.

P.s. remember to use your SPF daily especially during this hot weather we are having!

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