Lip rejuvenation without unwanted volume - how?

Updated: Feb 14

Ageing of the area around the lips (perioral area) is something that many women of 40 years plus may notice - by lipstick “bleeding “after application, or fine vertical lines, which are apparent when relaxed, but more obvious when talking.

These lines are partly caused by the vermillion border breaking down, where the pink lip meets the skin. This is hardly surprising as a woman says about 20000 words a day on average!

Although this area concerns many of us, perhaps the idea of having a filler treatment to the lip area conjures up an undesirable image.

Skin and lip care may help to preserve a healthy appearance, as will good hydration, add in a little Hyaluronic Acid via an injectable filler, and this area can be rejuvenated in a very subtle, and favourable way.

The treatment involves using a very fine filler to allow natural movement of the lips, and not adding unwanted volume.

This is injected in a fine thread, directly along the border of the upper and lower lip and Cupid’s Bow. As the border is redefined, the finer lines improve in appearance, and the hydrating effect of the Hyaluronic Acid will rejuvenate the lip and surrounding area.

In some cases, deeper lines can be lifted by adding very fine linear threads above the lip, this would be discussed at consultation with your nurse practitioner.

The treatment results last for approximately six months.


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