Is your skin Summer ready?

Top tips for looking after your skin this spring & summer:

  1. Always use sunscreen even from a young age - the higher the better = more protection for the skin = less damage for future = happy skin!

  2. Treat your skin gently - cleanse twice a day, tone and moisturise. Add in weekly exfoliating and hydrating face masks for an addition boost!

  3. A healthy diet - you are what you eat! Feeding the skin from the inside out will help you look and feel your best.

  4. H20 to the rescue - Drinking plenty of water will help hydrate your skin too! (The daily recommended amount is 2 litres of pure water!

  5. Take off your makeup before bedtime! Your skin needs to breathe overnight, so taking your makeup off allows this to happen! Sleeping with your makeup on clogs your pores and causes the appearance of dull, tired skin.

  6. Beauty Sleep is very important for the skin, as the optimum healing time is 1am! 6-8 hours of sleep a night is required to revive and refresh the skin.


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