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Advanced Skin Practitioner

Tinkable Ashford are excited to announce that Katherine Ludkins will be joining us as our resident beauty therapist.

Katherine and her Partner, Matt, have a son, Joey. They also have quite a menagerie at home including rabbits, cats, chickens, geckos, and snakes!


Katherine loves everything aesthetic-related. 


“I love making my clients’ skin glow with health and love giving them that special boost to their confidence,” she said.


Tinkable Ashford are also very excited to announce that they are now a Dermalogica®️Skin Centre. Katherine is available for specially tailored consultations. 


Why not book in and get your skincare regimen sorted?


Available at:

Call Now: 0800 432 0480

EMERGENCY ONLY NUMBER: 07930619030 - Please do not use for bookings.

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