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Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber

  • Registered nurse

  • Nurse prescriber (Masters Level)

  • Advanced Aesthetics Nurse

  • Treatments:

    • Anti-Wrinkle

      • 3 x areas 

      • Smokers lines

      • Lip flip

      • Masseter 

      • Eyebrow lift

      • Down turned mouth

    • Dermal filler 

      • Cheeks

      • Jaw

      • Chin

      • Tear trough

      • Lips

      • Non-surgical face lift

      • Eye brow

      • Mouth corners

      • Perioral rejuvenation 

      • Nasal labial folds

      • Mariette lines

      • Smokers lines

Janine said: "I became a nurse because I wanted to help people and there are many different ways to help people. There are many preconceived ideas of what an aesthetics nurse is and that aesthetics is just for people who want big lips and flat foreheads. However, many clients come to see us because of something that has affected them all their lives, affecting their psychological well being, which can be treated by us. Aesthetics is a way of helping people with self confidence, empowering people and respecting themselves. Many clients I treat will cry following their treatment as they have lived with something all their lives and it has now disappeared or improved before their eyes! This can be life changing for someone! This is why I love my job so much and feel so privileged to do this everyday as my career."


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