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Dr Tracey Hopwood

Medical Aesthetic Practitioner 

Firstly, a little about my Medical and Aesthetic background: 

Well, I'm the first 'medic' in my family as far as I know, having come from a family of soldiers and police officers. I've always been fascinated by the workings of the body and anatomy since a young child. My favourite school lesson was in biology when a friend brought in a calf placenta for us to dissect. 

I went to medical school at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel and qualified as doctor in 1995. I then went on to train as a General Practitioner where I could combine, both my enthusiasm for medicine, with the more holistic approach and family-centred approach of being a family doctor. 

It was during my first Partnership that I developed an interest in aesthetic medicine - over 11 years ago. I set up a 'New You' private clinic in the surgery and started with some basic injectable treatments...

fast forward to 2021, and I am now a GP working in prison medicine, with my own aesthetic clinic - now a part of Tinkable Aesthetic Clinic group. I have greatly expanded the range of treatments available, been on many training courses and attended a wide range of conferences. 


It gives me so much pleasure to use my practical skills and 'aesthetic eye' to bring delight and increased self-confidence to my clients. 

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