Dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid gel mixed with lidocaine. They are used to add volume and definition to the entire face. 


Your consultation is a two step process, your medical practitioner will want to examine your concerns and discuss how to get the best possible results for you along with discussing the most suitable Dermal Filler to use. 

Very often price is foremost in a patients mind when considering a Dermal Filler procedure, however until your medical practitioner examines your area of concern and discusses your expected outcome from treatment and preferred duration of product, a specific price cannot be predicted.

A rough guide can be given by phone or email, however a consultation is the surest and most exact way to gain this information.

Your consultation is without any obligation on your part and is the perfect opportunity to gather as much information as possible about your Dermal Filler treatment.


Although treatment can be offered at the same appointment as your consultation if you want to. We want you to consider fully the discussions had at consultation before making your decision. Most people expect treatment immediately, so please allow at least 60 minutes for your appointment time.

The outcome of treatment with Dermal Fillers will vary depending on the area treated and the product used. We offer treatments for anti aging, lines and wrinkles, cheek, chin and jaw contouring and volumisation, and lip enhancements to name a few. Our full face rejuvenation treatment plans are particularly popular. Treatments are often divided into separate appointments. This is because foundation treatments to deeper layers are given time to settle before finer, more superficial treatment is carried out. 


Tinkable only use medically approved and clinically tested treatment products. Our Dermal Fillers are manufactured by Allergan.

As the world's leading brand of hyaluronic acid facial filler, Allergan products are high quality and clinically proven to provide naturally beautiful results. Allergan manufacturer two ranges of Dermal Filler: the ultra and vycross ranges. These products offer excellent longevity and results can last approximately 9 - 24 months depending on the treatment chosen. 


 Dermal fillers often take up to two weeks to settle post treatment. Generally, aftercare advice includes not touching the area to avoid infection and taking care when applying makeup or cleansing. However, each Dermal Filler treatment is tailored to you as an individual. Specific aftercare advice will be given to you based on which treatment you have received. 

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