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Laser hair Removal in the Jewellery Quarter!    

What to consider before laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal at Tinkable


1) Who will be undertaking my treatment and is the clinic safe?

Laser hair removal is safe as long as the person undertaking your treatment is well trained in laser treatment and provides a thorough consultation including a medical history. The therapists at Tinkable are fully trained and have experience in offering all areas of laser hair removal.


2) Prepare in advance for your treatment.

If you usually wax, pluck or epilate you will need to stop removing hair in this way, but you are still able to shave the area you are having treated, there needs to be hair growth in between, so that the laser can target the follicle. It is best to be prepared, and shave before your appointment, as the laser treatment cannot be carried out when the hair is still there.


3) What will the treatment experience be like?

Do you want the treatment to be quick? Do you have a low pain threshold? These factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a clinic to have your laser treatment at.

At Tinkable in the Jewellery Quarter our laser machine is the latest technology meaning that treatment is quicker and pain-free. This is perfect if you have a low pain threshold or don’t have much time in the day to have treatment. We offer a relaxed environment, with friendly staff, to help you feel at ease.


4) Are you suitable for treatment?

You should always have a consultation and patch test first to make sure that you are suitable to have treatment. At Tinkable we provide a patch test to make sure that your skin is able to handle the laser, and we offer an extensive consultation including a medical history to ensure you are suitable for treatment, sometimes factors such as medication can restrict you from having treatment, so include an in depth medical history report at the consultation.

Some laser machines can also only treat certain hair colours and skin tones, but our Tinkable machine can treat tanned skin, all skin tones and even blonde hair!


5) What areas do you want treated?

At Tinkable we offer a wide range of areas, and some that you may not even expect, such as feet, navel line and hands. We also offer the popular areas like legs, underarms, chin and bikini line.