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Treatments for Men.

If you'd have asked five years ago we would tell you that 90% of our patients are female and how things change, we now do almost as many treatments for men as we do for women.

In fact, a very recent report from Google showed that 53% of visitors to this site were men and this is reflected in the amount of treatments we do for men.

Reason why men have Treatment.

Some of our male patients have shared the reasons why they have treatment and these vary a lot, however the most reported reasons are listed below -

* The need to compete and look well for their line of work
* The need to 'just look presentable'
* Back on the market after a separation or divorce
* Tired of looking older then they actually are
* Feel their friends are looking or ageing better then they are
* Some comments we frequently hear are 'I just wanted to feel better about myself' or 'I just wanted a 'pick me up''

Whatever the reason, you must not feel you are the only one having these treatments, most men find it difficult to take the first step and feel awkward, but things change, society has changed, there are now just as many adverts for male grooming products on TV as there are for women's products .. and why not?!

This surge in male treatments and male grooming products can only be lead by the increased demand from men, so don't think your the only male in the world searching for treatments.

Treatments for men do differ from those for women, and this is because the man will present with different indications e.g. stronger muscles and completely different skin integrity.

The most Popular treatments for men.

Below we'll give some brief information on the most popular treatments for men, if we don't mention the area or treatment you had in mind don't panic, there's only so much we can talk about on a page.

You're next step would be to bite the bullet and arrange a free consultation, we'll discuss all the possibilities with you. We are accredited by Save Face, so you know you're in safe hands and you'll really be surprised at how easy it is to speak to us, if nothing else, you'll walk away with lots of information that is specific to you and all of your questions will be answered.

Botox Treatment for men.

Botox for men will soften and smooth the frown lines, crows feet and/or the horizontal lines across the forehead. Don't worry if you think you'll look 'done', women sometimes want that frozen look and will thrive with their practitioner to get it, men usually just want an improvement so they look well. In fact, the muscles on a man that cause their frown lines etc are much stronger than that of a woman, and very often much more product is needed just to get an improvement.

What you really need is a practitioner who's experienced in treating men, one who will listen to your needs and provide with the results you want.

Botox for men can also be done on the lower face but that's a completely different story, it is so individual, we'll need to see and speak to you to offer any advice.

Remember it can take up to two weeks for Botox to have optimal results and we usually ask you to attend a free review of your treatment so we can ensure you get the best results, so plan ahead if you have a big date.


Nose to mouth lines for men.

You know the ones we mean, these are usually folds or lines that run from the nose to the mouth and unfortunately these lines can change your face dramatically, they can be filled with a dermal filler and the results can be immediate.

Yes, you'll walk out of the clinic with the lines either gone, or a least much improved. We favor the Juvederm range of facial fillers, mainly because they are from Allergan and have years of use all around the world along with many clinical studies proving they are the best.

The other reason we favor Juvederm is that they are the only dermal filler where your results continue to improve after treatment, most other dermal fillers tend to settle within days after treatment, losing up to 50% of the result, it's the opposite with Juvederm.


Cheek enhancement for men.

The best way to explain why men have cheek enhancements is simple, most will point out that men do not usually want huge cheeks, but the cheeks are the anchor for the whole of the lower face.

If we've developed jowls, nose to mouth lines, lines at the corner of our mouth etc its probably because gravity has taken hold, and because we've lost tissue around the anchor point (the cheeks) then everything else will hang or sag.

So, when you replace the tissue in the cheeks every single part of the lower face is lifted. So if you can imagine. A cheek enhancement for men can lift nose to mouth lines, jowls and most of the lower face.