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What is Tink-therapy?

We know our skin has layers and each layer is made of several components including, lipids, proteins, minerals and chemicals.

It is easy to regconise that a deficiency in anyone, or more then one of these components will result in symptoms.

Common symptoms are cellulite, pigmentation, dark circles, lines and wrinkles and the list goes on.

Think-therapy is the treatment process used to replace by micro- injections, these deficiencies in order to correct the symptoms.

How does Tink-therapy work?

At your consultation our medical prescriber will assess your area of concern, and working with our specialist pharmacist in Italy, prescribe a specific formulae/cocktail of ingredients designed to best treat your symptoms.

For example - Cellulite

There are a number of different cases of cellulite and a number of different ways cellulite will present itself. This will differ from person to person. 

If your cellulite is superficial and transient a single formula will be prescribed. If your cellulite needs treatment at multiple levels then a combined formula may be prescribed. 

Each concern will have a specific injectable formulae specifically designed for best results and each treatment carries a specific treatment protocol. Each will be discussed at your consultation, and then your prescription will be ordered. For this reason, please do not expect treatment at time of consultation as this will be unlikely.