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Tear Trough Facial Fillers Stourbridge

Tear trough Dermal Fillers Stourbridge Clinic.

I'm Charlie, I am a nurse prescriber and have worked here at Tinkable Stourbridge for the last 11 years. My speciallity is facial fillers. Dermal Fillers normally are used to reduce lines and wrinkles but in today's cosmetic treatments, dermal fillers can be use everywhere on the face.

I love doing tear troughs at our Stourbridge clinic.These areas are notoriously difficult to treat with dermal fillers, with them either only being offered by ocular surgeons and costing a fortune or seemingly done at back street clinics and being fraught with problems, with many people being left lumpy, where you can visibly see the facial filler present or with unsatisfactory results. The area can be problematic and certainly is not an easy indication to tackle as an injectable practitioner.


We, here at Tinkable in Stourbridge have taken our time until we came across a facial filler product we have felt happy enough to use in this area. There are many dermal fillers on the market, but none suitable for this indication, some fillers we have looked at and become dissatisfied with since trying it ourselves. Therefore, we were ecstatic that Allergan revealed that Volift, one of the fillers we use regularly and utterly trust, can be used for the under eye region, perfectly safely and effectively. We can use a number of facial filler techniques to create the appearance of a reduced tear trough or 'dragging line' under the eye with the introduction of the hyaluronic acid contained in the dermal filler, creating a moisturising barrier, and in many cases, a reduction in dark circles to the region.


This facial filler treatment is done in two stages to ensure that over correction does not occur, but you may wish to plan this treatment into your diary as the eye area is very vascular, and therefore there is a risk of bruising after this treatment. Volift uses Vycross technology, which creates minimal bruising and swelling, however, this cannot be guaranteed.


Dermal Fillers for tear trough treatment start from £300 with results expected to last for up to 12 months and possibly even longer.

Why don't you come in for a free no obligation filler consultation? It's worth a look... and you won't be disappointed!