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Specialist Skin Treatments

Tinkable offer the very latest clinical procedures and we only use proven products / procedures this is why when you come to a tinkable salon you know your going go get a safe reliable treatment time after time.So if you want to fell good in the skin your in why not give us a call to book a appointment or call for a free constatation.

Dermaroller Treatment

Derma roller Therapy provides advanced Micro-medical Skin needling, a short and quick procedure which stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier and younger looking skin. As well as being suitable for decolletage and hands, The Derma roller has excellent results on lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scarring, pigmented skin and is especially designed for very close to the eye treatment to recertify sleep lines and wrinkles, dark circles, loose eye lids and most other concerns around the eye area.

Who would benefit People with post acne scarring and people who are looking for facial rejuvenation
How is the Procedure carried out Local anaesthetic is applied, face cleansed, Dermaroller is rolled over the area producing a collagen response
Benefits to Patient Rejevenates the skin
Speeds up Collagen process
Reduces Scarring
Price £89 per treatment
(Price is for 1 roller to cover 1 area eg. Face)
Product Used Dermaroller
LMX (Local Anaesthetic)
Chroxy Cream
Time / Duration 60 Minutes
Other info Can be uncomfortable.
Will leave the area rosy for 12-24 hours after treatment.
Will need to use sun protection after treatment.
Areas Any area
Example areas are Face, Stomach, Legs etc.
Differs from Botox Promotes collagen

Skin Peel Treatment (Jewellery Quarter only)

Who would benefit People who need a skin boost as it rejuvenates dull skin
How is the Procedure carried out Superficial Cleanse
Controlled Epi Peel (40% Glycolic) - Timed starting 5 minutes increasing.
Hydrating Mask
Light Massage using lavender oil and finishing with Serums
Benefits to Patient Fresh, brightening treatment.
Freshening dull skin, rejuvenating and exposing new skin.
Price £40 per treatment
Product Used Cleanser
Epi Peel
Hydrating Mask
Time / Duration 45 Minutes
Other info Contraindications - Rosacea and very sensitive skin.
Areas Face
Differs from Botox Non invasive
No down time

Laser for veins & laser rejuvenation (Jewellery Quarter only)

Who would benefit People who have larger areas of veins to the face and decolletage.
Anyone with an uneven skin tone, problems with red veins or pigmentation
How is the Procedure carried out Detailed consultation followed by a test patch initially.
Return after 48 hours for treatment, provided there has been no reaction to the test patch.
Benefits to Patient Will reduce and eliminate veins over a course of up to 4-5 sessions.
Gradual reduction in veins, increase in collagen and reduction in areas of sun damage and pigmentation.
Price £35-£50 per session
Product Used Laser - Green light
Laser - Combination of green and yellow lights.
Time / Duration 30-45 Minutes
Other info Subsequent treatments are usually needed for full correction.
Need to wear SPF 30+ after treatment and for at least 3 months when treatments are completed.
May combine different laser lights for full correction.
Areas Face
Differs from Botox Used for skin rejuvenation

All of our satellite salons have a full range of beauty and in some cases hair treatments; you can find out more about what's on offer at each salon through our Clinic Locations page and selecting your chosen Salon.