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Sculptra From Tinkable in The West Midlands

The Scupltra Expert

My name is Denise Gardner,  I am a nurse prescriber and have  been performing treatments at Tinkable for over 10 years now.Since working here at Tinkable, I have worked using all of the products that we offer, from laser to Botox and facial fillers. My passion is working with Sculptra.

Let me explain Sculptra in a simple way...

Firstly, it is a volumiser, used for people who have lost the plumpness in their face; it works by replacing the fibroblasts in the skin that decrease over time. This doesn't happen overnight though, over a period of 8 weeks, you will start to feel that your skin is becoming, well 'plumper', this is happening because the dermis of the skin is thickening.  Sculptra doesn't stop there, the properties of Sculptra will carry on encouraging Collagen for up to 9 months. More mature clients (both men and women) may need anything from 3-5 vials of Sculptra over a period of 12 weeks. Hence, I do feel Sculptra is an investment. I  encourage my clients to consider carefully their commitment to Sculptra as it may take several treatment sessions and some time to see optimal results, but once the course is complete Sculptra will last anything from 2-4 years, with only a top up of 1 or 2 vials needed after this period. If you are a non-smoker, you will find that Sculptra will last longer because smoking decreases collagen and with Sculptra, we are trying to encourage it. One of the first things that people will notice after the first 8 weeks is that their skin is looking really nice and people may ask you what cream you are using.

I have many clients that have loved Sculptra, and one client in particular always comes to the front of my mind. It is a lady I treat at a clinic in Stafford called Village Retreat. This lady had lost a lot of volume, to the extent that I did wonder whether Sculptra would be enough for her, or if it would be better to refer her to a surgeon.

She decided to invest in Sculptra and her results were amazing! in fact the pictures don't really do justice. For her, it has changed her life and when we look back at her photo from before treatment, she cannot believe the difference it has made!

 Lower Face Before Sculptra  Lower Face after Sculptra Treatment