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PRP West Midlands

Platelet-rich plasma West Midlands 


PRP Consultation

Your PRP consultation will include the following:

A detailed medical history must be taken to ensure there are no contra-indications such as prescribed or complimentary medications.

Because PRP treats all areas of the face including skin tone and clarity, fine lines and wrinkles and the skin appearance in general through the production of collagen, it's important to plan each treatment session in advance. This will give you an indication of how many sessions will be needed overall, the likely timings for optimal results and of course possible costings.

Some of the factors that will affect the outcome and success of your PRP treatment include your diet, whether you smoke and if you have any sun damage. Other factors to be considered before your PRP treatments would be the timings of any previous cosmetic treatment such as Botox and dermal fillers.


  • Medical history

  • Facial treatment planner

  • factors that affect the outcome of your PRP treatment


PRP Treatment process


The following bullet points briefly describe the steps of your treatment:

  1. The area is very sterile, and sterile gloves are worn at all times by the practitioner.

  2. numbing cream is applied to the face.

  3. take blood from arm

  4. an injection is used to prevent clotting of the blood

  5. blood is spun in the machine twice. The first spin separates the plasma from the blood. The second spin separates growth factors to get a richer concentrate which you can then target the most needed area on your face (e.g deep lines around your eyes). Other companies spin once so get a much lower concentrate. Tinkable spin twice.

  6. Inject into the face area.

  7. A dermaroller is used on the whole face at the end to make channels so the product can get deep into the skin instead of sitting on top. The plasma then sinks into the skin and will work better. The dermaroller is more comfortable and less painful.

  8. Aloe vera is applied afterwards.

  9. keep it all on for 6-8 hours to fully absorb after your treatment, and then you can wash it all off.

PRP Birmingham 

Tinkable clinics in Birmingham are now providing PRP. We often find that patients are confused about the difference in dermal fillers and PRP. The difference is the process used in PRP to gain the concentration of growth cells. Once these growth cells are placed in a syringe the treatment is very similar to that of a dermal filler being injected. However, dermal filler treatments have limitations particularly around the eye area and this is where PRP excels in its comparison to fillers. The PRP concentration of growth cells can be injected extremely close to the eye, in fact even the eyelid can be treated.

PRP in Leamington

Esque beauty salon in Leamington is one of the locations that we provide our PRP consultations. Along side our botox and filler clinic in Leamington, our practitioners will also consult for PRP. PRP treatment will benefit even the smoothest of face as it not only targets lines and wrinkles but also skin quality.