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PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

                             PRP West Midlands

Tinkable provide PRP therapy at our Birmingham clinic in the Jewellery Quarter. The uniqueness of our PRP treatments at Tinkable is our ability to achieve the highest quality of growth cells through the latest technology.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and is the process of extracting the best growth factors from your own blood and re-injecting these growth factors into your skin which will regenerate your collagen, improve skin integrity, tone and clarity.

What is PRP Treatment ?

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about PRP, Tinkable have recently added PRP to our list of treatments for lines and wrinkles and of course for skin integrity.

Why is it called the Vampire Face Lift ?

Not the best name for the treatment, its more then likely the association with the taking of blood that relates to the Vampire, but the amount of blood taken is tiny and its not a lifting procedure. Its to improve skin and reduce lines and wrinkles were other treatments can't manage. For example PRP is really suited to close work on the eye lids or directly under the eye. No facial filler or Botox treatment can get this close.

What is the concept of the treatment and how does it work ?

The growth factors in plasma from the blood have been used by surgeons for wound healing for many years. When the plasma and platelets are separated, various concentrates of these growth factors can be achieved. During treatment the growth factors are injected directly in to the areas of concern, boosting and re-generating failing collagen production. The end result is an increase of new and fresh collagen into areas that may be showing the signs of ageing.

What areas can this treatment be used in ?

PRP treatment can be used anywhere on the face and body, the most popular areas are face, chest and hands.

We are concentrating on tightening and toning the skin around the eyes, as this is an area we have found problematic in the past. The platelet rich plasma can be injected right up to the eye lashes with a cannula technique, we have found this causes the least bruising, trauma, and injection related problems post procedure.

We can also use the PRP to rejuvenate skin anywhere over the face, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

What does the treatment involve and what are the results ?

It involves having a course of 3 sessions, at 6 weekly intervals, treatment improvements will be seen even up to 3 months after the course has finished, depending on the age of the patient, and the condition of the skin prior to treatment.

Final results is expected to last 12 months or more again depending on the starting point pre-treatment.

The process starts with a small amount of blood been taking, roughly that used for a blood test. The blood is processed and the growth factors are extracted and then re-injected into the skin.

Who can/cannot have treatment ?

If you suspect you may be pregnant, we would not carry out this treatment.

If you are currently taking anticoagulants, unfortunately, you would not be suitable for PRP treatment.

Everybody else, medical history allowing, is suitable for treatment with PRP.

PRP is suitable for almost everyone because there are no additives or chemicals that can cause any problems.

What should I expect ?

It does require injections, so some bruising and swelling at the injection site, should be expected for 24-48 hours after treatment, but we have found cannulas to be effective at reducing trauma to the tissues, so we will use these wherever possible.

Before and after photos from Tinkable:


Why is PRP at Tinkable more successful than anywhere else?

Tinkable have examined many different systems and have spent 3 years researching and testing, in order to bring you only the best in PRP treatment.

We have found that the process of extracting the growth factors from blood is a vital part of the treatment. We have invested heavily into this process and have achieved a unique element with in the centrifugal separation that delivers a higher concentration of growth cells. Our machine separates the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) more effectively than other machines on the market, allowing us to have gradients of product that we can use more effectively for problematic areas of the face.

PRP in Birmingham, the Jewellery Quarter

You are able to have a free consultation for PRP treatment in our clinic in Birmingham.

Karen McCormact is our lead specialist in PRP treatments and is based at our Tinkable clinic in Birmingham. PRP consultations and treatments are available five days a week in our Birmingham clinic and are completely without any obligation on your part.