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Dermal fillers Coventry

08 February 2012

Dermal Fillers Coventry from £169, call 0800 432 0480.

With over 65 locations Tinkable offer Dermal fillers for the correction and reduction of facail lines and wrinkles.

Our Dermal fillers coventry are provided from a number of Locations. visit www.tinkable.co.uk and our clinics page for dates and times.

Dermal filler injections in Birmingham come in many forms and brands. The most trusted and tested of all Dermal fillers are Restylane treatments and Juvederm Ultra Treatments.

Some times known as facial fillers, Restylane and Juvederm are tempory fillers and will last in the region of 6 to 12 months. Do not confuse facial Fillers with the long term filler injections which have had bad publicity of late.

Dermal Filler treatment will correct concerns such as, Nose to mouth lines, Lines above the lip, lines and wrinkles arround the mouth and many more concerns.

Both restylane and Juvederm have filler injections which address concerns of loss of Volume,

By addressing, for example, loss of volume in the upper third of the face with Juvederm Voluma, concerns in the lower area of the face will also benefit from the lift achieved.

For further information and for a free consultation call 01384 373734 and speak to one of our advisers at our lead clinic in Stourbridge. With over 65 locations to chose from you should be able to have your consultation near you.

Unlike Botox and Botox injections, Dermal Fillers work on static lines.

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