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My Concerns - Hair Loss

Causes and best treatment for hair loss in Birmingham


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A specific injectable treatment of a prescribed formula specific to your Hair loss.

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Although it is more common for men to suffer with hair loss, women still suffer with hair loss and thinning too. There can be many reasons why hair loss occurs, some are common and some less common.


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Stress and Hair loss / thinning

Stress can cause temporary hair loss called telogen effluvium, which is due to a shock to the hair cycle from stress. The hair cycle grows, rests and then sheds. However when there is a shock to the cycle it causes a change in the growing and shedding process.


Pregnancy and Hormones causes of hair loss and thinning

Pregnancy can cause hair loss in the same was as stress, and may also be due to hormone levels.


Lack of protein causing hair loss

If your body is needing protein then it can cause your hair growth cycle to shut down.


Genes, hair loss it's in your Genes

If your relatives have had hair loss and thinning at a certain age, then this may mean you are more likely to lose your hair at a similar age.


Anemia and Hair loss - an iron deficiency can cause you to lose hair, however an iron supplement can fix this.

Underactive thyroid gland and hair loss - The gland produces hormones that help with metabolism and growth. If it doesn’t produce enough hormones then it can contribute to hair loss.

Alopecia -hair loss and thinning- This is due to an overactive immune system. The immune system sees the hair as a foreign object and tries to get rid of it.


Weight loss can equal hair loss

A sudden loss in weight can be a physical stress on the body causing hair loss. However this will in time, correct itself.


Hair thinning and hair loss can come with Age

Women in their 50s and 60s tend to suffer with hair thinning.


Over Styling and hair loss

Heat stylers can cause breakage to the hair, and hair treatments such as chemical perms can be harsh on the root of the hair and cause it not to grow back.