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My Concerns - Cellulite

Causes and best treatment for Cellulite in Birmingham

Tink-therapy C2-3 - (click here to find out more on Tink-Therapy)

A specific injectable treatment of a prescribed formula specific to your type of Cellulite.

(Duration-approx 45mins Cost £125)


Cellulite is the lumpy and dimpled appearance to the skin caused by fat deposits. It is usually noticed on the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite apparently affects up to 90% of all women during their lifetime.


There are many different causes of cellulite including:

  • Hormones - Hormones such as estrogen can cause cellulite to develop.

  • Genes - Genes can cause things like slow metabolism and distribution of fat meaning you are more likely to have cellulite.

  • Diet - if you eat too much fatty foods or carbohydrates then this can cause cellulite.

  • Lifestyle factors - if you don’t exercise then this could be a factor in cellulite development.


Cellulite has three grades:

Grade 1 - There are no symptoms, however a microscopic examination can see changes in the cells.

Grade 2 - There are microscopic changes in the cells, but also there is pastiness to the skin and less elasticity.

Grade 3 - All of the signs from grade 1 and 2, but also a clear roughness to the skin.


Cellulite can have a negative impact on women as it can lower self esteem. However, with the help of treatments like Tink-therapy, the rough appearance to the skin can be broken down and create a smoother appearance.