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Lower Face Botox stourbridge

Botox injections for treating the lower face.

I'm Charlie, and I am a nurse prescriber here at Tinkable in Stourbridge. We have several clinics throughout the West Midlands and in the 11 years I have been doing Botox in Stourbridge, I have built up a large knowledge base about most of the toxins that are on the market to day.

Over the years I have trained in, and used toxins such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin and in the past I have consider and examined many other toxins, however, now my toxins of choice are either Botox from Allergan, the market leader in the field, or Azzalure, which is a derivative of Dysport. I find offering two toxins helps our clients make an informed choice into the treatment they require. Although some of the indications for upper face treatment with Botox remain the same no matter what toxin you use, the lower face can only be treated effectively and subtly with Botox. Lower face treatment with Botox produces a quick fix with no downtime. This treatment can be a lovely alternative to facial fillers if the candidate is suitable. When using Botox for the lower face we must perform the treatment "off label", requiring serious experience and expert knowledge about anatomy and psychology of the face and indeed the toxins to be used. Botox treatments are very specific and tailored to you as a patient, you will make the final decision on which toxin is used but only after significant discussion and explanations and the choice may be made depending on price, dosage and longevity, Botox is the only product we can use for the lower face.

With lower face Botox in Stourbrigde we have the reliability and can predict results for indications such as fine lines underneath the eyes, bunny lines, fine lines to the upper lip (however, these may be more successfully treated with the hydrating action of a filler), depression at the corners of the mouth, dimples on the chin or even to slim down a square jawline.

Treatment can take a few minutes, and after a few days, will yield results that can last for anything up to three months for the upper face and in some cases up to six months for the lower face.

Before Lower Face BotoxBotox after photo
Before and after Lower Face Botox
Botox stourbridgeAfter botox stourbridge
Square Jaw Before and after Botox