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Lip Treatments and Lip Enhancement in Stourbridge

Lip Enhancement is probably not the best name for lip treatments as most people thinking about having a lip treatment, have reported to us that they read, not Lip Enhancement but Lip Enlargement and of course this will put them right off. At our Tinkable clinic in Stourbridge, we find that its not enlargement that most people want but they do want their lips and surrounding mouth area enhanced.When looking for the perfect Lip treatment, you need to know that you are in experienced and safe hands and that the final result is exactly as you wantedLets look at the ways a Lip Treatment in Stourbridge can enhance your lips.


Vermilion Border Lip Treatment


This is a treatment which using tiny amounts of facial filler ( Juvederm) to slightly lift or define the borders of the lip. We find that most people again just have the upper lip treated and this has the effect of giving the upper lip a very slight lift, as if the person was in the very early stages of pursing her lips together for a kiss.

Obviously addition filler will increase the extent of the lift and this would be personal choice.


Perioral Lip treatment.

Sometimes called smoker lines, these are the vertical lines above the lip that are often present in people who have never smoked. The lines can disappear at rest but once you activate your lips then, there they are !

Juvederm 2 or Juvederm 3 are excellent facial filler products for these lines, the Juvederm technology not only fills each tiny line but hydrates the whole area and seems to diffuse into the lip tissue create a rejuvenated lip as well as a smooth perioral.


Marionette Lip treatment.

Marionette lines run from the corner tip of the lip, the most lateral edge of the mouth down towards the chin, the result in a downturned mouth and give the person a saddened face.

Once a small amount of Juvederm is used to treat this lip area the corners of the mouth can be expertly turned upward and sad becomes fresh.


Asymmetry Lip Treatment.

Its more likely that you'll notice this on someone else rather than yourself and over the years we have had people remark, if their friends had only told them sooner!

There are two types of asymmetry, a difference in shape or thickness between the upper and lower lip and much more common, the difference between the lips on one side of the face and the other.

Its incredibly surprising how simple these symmetries can be corrected.


Lip Enhancement Treatment.

This is the lip treatment where Juvederm is placed directly into the lip tissue itself.

Juvederm have created a Vycross technology and produced a facial filler as similar to the lip tissue as possible.

The treatment results in a reshaping and or plumping of the lips. The upper lip or lower lip can be treated only or as you desire.

A face to face consultation and assessment is the only true and fair way of finding out which lip treatment will really suit you and if its possible to get the result you want.

General Facts about Lip Treatments.

The lip area is very vascular and the skin can be quite thin around the lips, so consider the possibility of bruising.

Lip tissue will swell and will settle in 24 to 48 hours however it can take up to two weeks for the treatment to fully settle.

The lip is often perceived to be the most uncomfortable are to have treatment.

Lips before treatment Lips immediately after treatment
Image left shows lips before treatment and image right shows lips immediately after treatment and the results can be seen in the image below which was taken Two weeks after treatment

Lips two weeks after treatment

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