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Laser hair Removal cost Birmingham

Laser hair Removal Birmingham.

Located on Caroline Street, Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, Tinkable provide laser hair removal for all skin types including dark and black skins. Our laser technology allows for fast and effective treatments, pain free and without many of the hassles associated with normal laser hair reduction, such as having to grow the hair in between treatments. We have successfully treated blonde hair and can now treat hair when you have a tan, so you can have your laser treatment during the summer months. All areas of the face and body are treated and we cater for both men and women.


We have amazing offers on the price of hair removal with up to 70% off the normal RRP. We offer a free consultation and the cost of any patch test is refunded against your first treatment.

Facial rejuvenation with laser.

The Tinkable laser used for facial rejuvenation is customised to reach and affect the deeper layers of the skin and simulate collagen growth giving even speedier and improved rejuvenation. the laser setting can be changed to treat veins and pigmentation.

Take advantage of this incredible technology and of our special promotions, just call the numbers above or book on-line.

Laser Hair Removal cost 

The price of our laser hair removal starts from £16.50 for upper lip and chin. We offer affordable and competitive prices but still maintain the highest quality of service and treatment.