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Laser Hair Regrowth Products

Invisi Products for Hair Regrowth

Laser Reactify Complex 5% - Synergistic with Laser Therapy 60ml 

Laser Reactify Complex 2% - Synergistic with Laser Therapy 60ml - These products are an advanced hormone formula which helps to control hair loss and improve and increase your hair density. You apply 2ml on to a dry and clean scalp.

Anagen Boosting Serum - Synergistic with Laser Therapy 60ml - By applying 1ml twice a day to a dry and clean scalp you are helping to increase the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. This is particularly useful if you are suffering from Female Pattern Baldness or Post Menopausal Hair Loss as the serum is rich in oestrogen which increases the growing phase, and reduces the amount of hairs being shed.

DHT Inhibitor - New Advanced Formula (90 Capsules) - Take two tablets daily, as the natural 5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitors benefit hair loss intervention.

Ultra Growth Complex - Synergistic with Laser Therapy 100ml - By applying 7-10 sprays to the thinning scalp per day, you are helping to stop the hair loss factors. The product helps to stimulate hair growth and improve the strength and vitality of the hair.

Maximum Growth Shampoo - Synergistic with Laser Therapy 200ml - By using this shampoo you are helping to keep your hair in the best condition. The product not only increases strength and density but also removes dandruff. 

Mentholated Growth Shampoo - Synergistic with Laser Therapy 200ml - By regularly using this shampoo you will help to stimulate the blood in your scalp, and this can improve the scalp condition as it will decrease the amount of excess sebum. This then benefits and boosts hair growth.