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Freephone: 0800 432 0480
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Anti wrinkle & Facial Fillers Coventry

Tinkable offer anti wrinkle and facial fillers Coventry from the Gold N Brown Beauty Salon which also has a beauty and tanning studio.Clinics are held there every 4 weeks with treatments starting from just £99 for a one area of Azzalure type toxin. Gold N Brown is set in the heart of Coventry and has been with Tinkable for over 10 years offering aesthetic treatments to over 2,000 clients.

Free Consultation

Your first appointment with Tinkable should be a consultation. This Free Consultation gives you several opportunities to assess our practitioners and the information provided by them. There is absolutely no obligation on your part. Our experienced and medically qualified practitioners will assess your needs, address your concerns from an aesthetics point of view. We will examine your medical suitability for treatment and discusss every possible option for improvement including options that do not involve muscle relaxant or Fillers if we feel these will address your needs.

No matter how you look at it; you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You will have all your questions answered and will know exactly what you expect from the treatment.

Muscle relaxant injection in Coventry

Botox United Kingdom - they are used most often in the upper third of the face. It will reduce the dynamic frown lines across the forehead, the vertical lines between the eye brows and the crows feet. Some people elect to have all three areas treated while others elect to just have one of these areas treated. Tinkable will offer you a free review appointment about two weeks after your initial treatment and we do this for two main reasons. Firstly it allows us to make any finer corrections to get the results you wanted and secondly, it allows our practitioners to constantly reflect on the results we give.

Denise Gardner our nurse prescriber has been attending Gold N Brown for over 8 years.

Denise's  nursing career spans over 26 years; 18 of which were spent on medical wards at Birmingham Hospital. She has recently become of our nurse prescribers to conform with new legislation. Denise has been treating with Sculptra for 8 years and finds this treatment very rewarding as it can totally change a person's face, if that is what is needed, adding thickness to the dermis of the skin.

Your anti wrinkle or Facial Filler Treatment will start with a consultation where your practitioner will assess your face globally. At Tinkable we prefer to treat the cause of a line or wrinkle if possible as this will provide the best aesthetic result for you and will give the best result for that particular line or wrinkle. 

It is important to us that you are satisfied with your treatment and that we feel we are providing the best possible service.

Facial Fillers in Coventry

Alongside muscle relaxant in Coventry we offer a range of Facial Fillers which your consultation may have highlighted as being more suitable to your needs and you can read more about them here .

As well as anti wrinkle and other Cosmetic Treatments; Gold N Brown offer one of the most comprehensive lists of Cosmetic and Salon Treatments in the Coventry area:

 Cosmetic Treatments  

 Cosmetic Procedure

 Salon Treatments

   Anti Wrinkle

   Dermal Filler

   Frown Lines
   Crows Feet
   Vertical Frown Lines
   Cheek Enhancements
   Nose to Mouth Lines
   Lip lines
   Lip Enhancement
   Jaw Lines
   Nose Corrections
   Vein Removal
   Volume Restoration
   Plumping and Toning
       by Injection
   Eye Brow Shaping
   Spray Tanning
   Sun Beds
   Eyelash / Brow Tints
   Perm Makeup
   Aqua Detox
   Hot Stone Therapy
   Tai Compress