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Eyebrow Lift with Botox in walsall

Tinkable provide Botox in Walsall and the various types of Botox treatments we provide in walsall is forever increasing. It's no longer just frown lines and crows feet that people want treated with Botox, it's now lower face including the neck, it's underarms to prevent sweating but the most popular of all is an eyebrow lift with Botox.

Hi, I'm Charlie, I am a nurse prescriber here at Tinkable Stourbridge, over the 11 years, I have been doing Botulinum Toxin Type A ( Botox) treatments, I have built up a large knowledge base about most of the toxins that are on the market.

The best way to lift eyebrows and 'freshen up the eye area is by using Botox, which has been licensed for both of these indications. Many of our clients come into us here at Tinkable stating that they 'look tired all the time'. Botox is the best way to improve this appearance by lifting the eyebrows and freshening the either grumpy or tired expressions that occur through the day to day drudgery of life. Many people have frown lines that reflect this, either one, two or three lines in between the eyebrows or a horizontal line on the bridge of the nose. Along with these are often deep crows feet and heavy eyebrows at the edges of your eyes.

Using some advanced techniques with Botox injections, we can now soften these lines by lifting the muscles that cause the lines that age the eye region. We use Botox to lift the muscles above the eyebrows, and soften the crows feet, and in some cases use little bits of Botox around the eye to soften lines further and give more of a lift. This is the best way to give an eyebrow lift: The only non-surgical way to get an eyebrow lift.

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Eyebrows before using Botox eyebrows after using Botox

Botox injections in Stourbridge.

Tinkable's lead clinic is in stourbridge. From Stourbridge we run our network of Botox clinics, including Walsall and over 50 other locations throughout the West Midlands.

Our Botox treatments in Stourbridge are provided by highly trained and qualified medical practitioners with years of experience behind them. Each Botox practitioner is accredited with save Face, the independant regulator for the cosmetic industry. So you know when you have Botox in stourbridge you are in safe hands.