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Dermal Filler Treatment Stourbridge,

Very often, when clients present to us for a dermal filler treatment or filler consultation, it is not unusual for their focus to be on a particular line wrinkle or fold.

Experience and an aesthetic eye is needed by the practitioner to consider the cause,origin of these lines and folds. In the case below this lady presented wanting a freshening to her face, and felt that her nose to mouth lines were becoming a little too apparent and that her face was generally looking a little tired.Through careful and thorough consultation we ascertained that her main issue was stemming from the beginnings of loss of volume in her mid face.
By volumising the middle part of the face the treatment has impacted at the nose to mouth lines, the tear troughs and the beginnings of the the marionette lines at the corners of her mouth down to jawline.
Facial filler products such as the Juvederm range have gone from strength to strength in their range of applications so much over the years that any part of the face can now be treated. From sleep lines, to tear troughs, to jaw lines and cheeks.
In the case below, Rachel used two mls of filler, ( Voluma ) at the first session and at the second session as her client was looking for more cheek bone definition she proceeded with a further one ml of Juvederm Voluma the latest filler in the Juvederm range with longevity of 18 months and beyond.
Photos by Rachel Fox
Before Voluma Treatment                    After Voluma Treatment
filler treatment beforefiller treatment stourbridge
Before Voluma Treatment                    After Voluma Treatment
filler birminghamfiller treatment

Dermal Filler treatment in Stourbridge.

Tinkable use the Juvederm type of facial filler in Stourbridge. The results of this facial filler for our Stourbridge clients has amazed even the none believers. Allergan has advanced the characteristic of Juvederm over the last number of years and this facial filler can be used any where within the face. From treating lips with dermal filler to adding volume to the cheeks. Tinkable have taken dermal filler treatments in Stourbridge to a whole new level and we continue to lead the way with our experienced and highly qualified medical practitioners.