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My frown lines make me look angry.

Botox treatment for frown lines and crows feet.




Botox injections were once just for celebrities and the rich, Incredibly Botox is now listed as one of the UK's most popular non-surgical treatments. People  in Birmingham, Coventry, Stourbridge and else where throughout the West Midlands are now, more then ever, openly speaking to their friends and families about their Botox treatments.

Most popular areas treated with Botox.

Initially, if you are new to Botox injections, you may be forgiven for thinking that buying Botox is similar to buying a tin of beans and that Botox is the same, no matter who administers your Botox or which clinic you have your treatment with.

But this is far from the truth. Here are just a few items you may wish to look at when considering Botox treatment. in Birmingham or through out the West Midlands.

Is the Botox injection clinic a registered Botox clinic?

No matter what location who decide to look for your botox Clinic, Birmingham, Coventry or else where in the West Midlands you'll find a host of possiblities. But make sure which ever Botox clinic you pick is safe and professional. Tinkable are registered and accredited by Save Face so you know you are in safe hands for your Botox treatment. Save Face is an independent regulator for the cosmetic industry, in order to be accredited each practitioner within the clinic will be interviewed and tested, everything from qualifications, insurance, professional standing, record keeping, quality of service and experience is examined and confirmed.

The clinic itself is physically inspected and all its procedures and protocols are examined to ensure patient safety.

Who will administer my Botox treatment?

As Botox treatments in Birmingham become more popular, so too has the number and types of practitioners. It is imperative that your practitioner is medically qualified, has specialist training in Botox injections and has significant experience to enable them to assess and deliver you a tailored prescription for Botox.

Our practitioners are all medically qualified and specialist trained, each is employed with Tinkable and have the full support of the organisation. Each of our practitioners have had several years of experience, advanced training and continued update training in the form of master classes and one to one specific specialist training from Allergan the manufacturer of Botox. In addition, our practitioners are medical prescribers and all our practitioners at Tinkable have a huge wealth of experience in administration of Botox injections in fact we often solve problems for people which were created by other practitioners or clinics. In the unlikely event, we have a network of clinical experts for referral and support.

Will I see the same practitioner each time for my Botox?

To have a Botox treatment and then find it difficult to see the same practitioner if you are not happy is common practice especially within a national chain clinic. Their practitioners change very often and their place of work can change on a daily basis, with an independent practitioner you may find they have little or no availability when it comes to concerns with a treatment, many have little or poor experience and even less resources available. Each Botox treatment at Tinkable comes with a free treatment check-up about two weeks after your Botox treatment. It's important to us that you are happy with your treatment and we thrive on feedback. We constantly ask our clients for reviews and encourage constructive criticism, these we post on our Google plus pages and on our Facebook page. Our team have the experience and know how to deal with any concern you have post treatment and we provide you with a 24 hour aftercare number. We learn from your experience and we develop our practice based on our clients' feedback.

Your Botox Consultation.

Your Botox treatment should always be preceded by a formal consultation. Initial discussions at your consultation will determine your concerns, needs and expected results. A detailed medical history and assessment will be needed and every aspect of the treatment should be discussed. Red flag any consultation that gives more emphasis on promoting the treatment rather then equally discussing the possible side effects of a Botox treatment. Your consultation will also discuss the expected duration, your review and of course your aftercare. Please ensure that the person who provides your consultation also gives you the treatment and will prescribe your Botox.

General uses of Botox injections.

For the lines and wrinkles that are caused when muscles contract, IE not visible at rest but only visible during expression, Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra etc are not a suitable solution and should not be considered. Botox, Azzalure or Vistabel are all strains of the same Toxin and each will offer a solution for frown lines, crows feet and other dynamic wrinkles.

Tinkable offer Botox treatments for both upper face and areas of the lower face. The most popular areas for upper are the crows feet, between the eyebrows and then the horizontal lines across the forehead. All these areas can be treated at the one time or you may elect to have anyone or any two areas treated. The lower face treatments are usually the jaw line, the chin to remove that dimple orange peel effect, around the mouth and of course the neck.

A brief Background to Botox

Botox was first approved in 1989 in Italy to treat patients with facial spasm disorders. It became increasingly apparent that crows feet and frown lines were diminishing and softening and in many cases vanishing altogether.

Botox is a muscle relaxant agent which is produced from bacteria. It's method of action interferes with muscle contraction to enable the botox to smooth out lines and wrinkles with extremely effective and long lasting results.

Current Uses for Botox injections.

Botox treatments are now the UK's most popular cosmetic treatment and was recently approved by the FDA in the US.

In a cosmetic field, Botox effectively treats horizontal frown lines, crows feet and vertical frown lines. Botox is licenced for the treatment of underarm sweating and more recently for the treatment of migraines. Most of its uses within the aesthetics field are extremely effective and most strains have achieved various levels of either

FDA approval or UK licensing.

Botox is the only Toxin within the UK that is licenced for frown lines and crows feet

Botox Treatment and Results

Following a thorough medical consultation the procedure is very simple, virtually painless, leaving minimal trace of treatment.

Optimum results can often be seen just two days after a Botox treatment. However with some strains it may take up to 21 days for optimal results. At Tinkable we offer you the opportunity to revisit your practitioner, for a post treatment check up to ensure you are completely satisfied with your results.Botox injection prices.

Botox Injection prices are normally given per area. Each Row below in black represent one area, with discounts given if a second and/or third area is treated at the one session.

Considering Botox Treatment?

When considering a Botox treatment, price is important, we all like to get value for money. However, please be aware of extremely low botox prices offered by inexperienced practitioners, and above all avoid at all cost treatment with non-medical practitioners.

When having Botox your results will last in the region of 2 to 4 months. Any imperfections of treatment will also last that length also. So rather than choosing the cheapest why not choose the best. Ask how many years your practitioner has been doing these treatments and how many patients a day they treat.

They should have at least 3 -5 years' experience and be seeing at least 5 to 7 people each day for Botox treatment. Confident practitioners will offer a free check-up, but make sure this will be with the same practitioner who did the initial treatment.

Tinkable Botox clinics .

We offer Botox in Stourbridge, Birmingham, Worcester, Coventry, Leamington Spa and the list goes on, For a full list of our Botox Clinics just click here.

Botox In Stourbridge.

Our lead Botox clinic is based in Stourbridge, from here we offer a full range of treatments including Botox, Fillers, hair removal, veins, warts skin tags, a full range of laser and beauty treatments and of course Scuptra and PRP. Each treatment we offer is another tool in the Arsenal against ageing. Depending on where you are in the ageing process Will dictate the type of treatments that may be suitable for you. At Tinkable we fully believe in addressing the whole of the face beginning with the quality of skin its texture and tone. We would rather solve the cause of a problem and offer its solution rather than treat the symptoms and ignore of cause. By adhering to this method and that these protocols we can ensure and much improved result with are lesser spend for our clients. Our Stourbridge clinic is based on the high-street its location offers convenience privacy and easy access here you will find a warm welcome friendly staff and lots of smiles. We understand how difficult it can be and that forced appointment but once you get to know us you'll soon realise that you are in safe hands.

Botox in Birmingham.

In Birmingham we have a number of clinics. Caroline Street in the jewellery quarter is home to our main Birmingham clinic. Uniqueness of this clinic allows ample availability the convenience of the city centre without the crowds and hassles. Karen is air injector at the jewellery Quarter clinic. Karen has over 10 years experience at providing cosmetic injections including P or P, Botox, dermal fillers and of course Samantha provides facial treatments with environ, laser rejuvenation, laser hair removal as well as all of the normal routine beauty treatments. The result of cosmetic injections provided by Karen our indorsed time and time again by her Loyal following, she has received hundreds if not thousands of testimonials and hugely positive feedback.  Current results in creating volume and replacement of volume loss is second to none she will make you feel extremely welcome assess your face globally and suggest a treatment plan over a period of time that will suit you. Elsewhere in Birmingham we had a number of other locations the closest clinic in Birmingham to the jewellery quarter is the one at Yardley just of you tree Lane, here Rachel Fox provides the service usually visiting once every two weeks appointments are advised to be made well in advance. Denise Gardner operate from two locations within the Birmingham area one at West Bromwich and the other in Solihull. Bolton locations can have appointments made online or by simply calling our free phone number. Bolth Denise and Rachel also cover other areas of Birmingham such as Redditch and Sutton Coldfield.

Botox Coventry

For those of you in and around the Coventry areas search Kenilworth Rugby Leamington etc Tinkable continue to grow the network of clinic locations and appointments are available at Golden Brown on Radford Road, Envy of Australia on the Wallsgrave Road, as well as four other clinic locations within the suburbs of Coventry. At each clinic the services provided always include Botox plus facial fillers and we always offer a free consultation.

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