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Botox treatment clinics in Coventry

Botox treatment clinics in Coventry are provided by Tinkable. Tinkable medical practitioners provide Coventry Botox clinics in a number of locations. All our practitioners are seasoned, experienced, and highly qualified, Botox injections providers and are all accredited by Save Face, the cosmetic industry regulator.
Botox injections will smooth frown lines across the forehead, crows feet and vertical lines between the eyebrows. The effects of Botox treatment in these areas will last approximately three months. Continued and regular use of Botox has shown to have an acculimative effect with less treatments been need as the muscles responsible for creating these frown lines weaken. Botox injections have many different uses including lower face treatment, underarm sweating and eyebrow lifting. Tinkable offer a free consultation and a post treatment review around ten days post treatment.

Botox Coventry, Consultation.

A free Botox consultation is available in Coventry with Tinkable. There is no obligation on your part with this consultation. Tinkable use this opportunity to provide as much information as possible about Botox for you. We discuss the product in great detail along with possible side effects and after treatment advice. We asses your medical suitiblity for Botox treatment and we examine the results that would best suit you. You are encourage to take time to consider your Botox treatment by our medical precribers can offer treatment on the day.

Botox Coventry, Treatment.

Your Botox treatment will be for one, two or all three areas as you will have discussed in your Botox consultation. Botox treatment is usually quite painless and will show little or no signs of treatment, however in some cases this may not be the case and signs of treatment may include bruising, swelling or redness.
The treatment its self will only take minutes and Tinkable offer after hour deicated contact details and a free Botox review, usually two weeks post treatment.

Botox Coventry, Review.

Your Botox review offers benefits to both yourself and Tinkable. Its an opportunity for us to get your feedback and for us to evaluation and develop our practice. It also gives the opportunity to make finer adjustments to your results.

Coventry Botox Clinic at Radford Rd

One of our Botox clinics in Coventry is at Radford Rd, Denise Gardner from Tinkable holds her Coventry Botox clinic here on a regular basis. Denise has been providing her Botox Clinic at Gold N Brown on the Radford Rd, in Coventry for over 10 years and although Clinics can be busy we always have a warm welcome for new customers and those who may be considering Botox in the furture.